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Harmful algal bloom near Praslin, Denis and Félicité |01 December 2020

The environment and fisheries department and the Seychelles Fisheries Authorities have received confirmed reports of the occurrence of a ‘harmful algal bloom’ event occurring to date around the islands of Praslin, Denis and Félicité.

An algal bloom is a natural phenomenon involving the rapid growth and population explosion of algae in the sea whenever there are sufficient nutrients, calm conditions, hot temperatures and other specific conditions. These blooms may cause death of fish and other marine animals.

This phenomenon was first reported to local authorities last Friday November 27, and is still ongoing, with turbid water and slicks with colours ranging from yellow to dark brown.

The authorities will also like to advise fishermen to refrain from selling any of the dead fish and the public from consuming them as certain species of the algae can be poisonous.

The authorities of Seychelles would like to inform the public that they are still collecting information on the composition and extent of the bloom. They will provide more details on the incident as they receive more information.


Press release from the Ministry of Fisheries, Environment and Climate Change



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