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Fisheries and Agriculture

Training is key to a productive ministry, says Minister Joubert |25 November 2020

Training is key to a productive ministry, says Minister Joubert

Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment Minister Flavien Joubert has this week conducted official visits to two agencies which fall under his portfolio.

They form part of his series of visits to familiarise himself with different roles and functions of the different agencies.

The visit started at Grand Anse Mahé where Minister Joubert was welcomed by staff of the Seychelles Agricultural Agency extension services at Béolière. Frontline officers who train and help farmers with professional advice are based at this facility. The minister had the opportunity to interact with the staff and engage in consultations on various difficulties farmers are encountering in their production.

Furthermore, the minister visited the main agricultural storage facility at Grand Anse, which sells raw materials, chemical and equipment to farmers in Seychelles. However, though there has been a subsequent increase in agricultural production, the Seychelles Agricultural Agency (SAA) cannot purchase large quantity of products to accommodate its clients, this is because the storage facility is not big enough.

“The storage issue has been brought to my attention. There is a need for the agency to have a bigger storage facility so that it can store enough equipment and materials to satisfy the demand of its clients. Additionally, there are materials which require proper handling and packing process, the agency must ensure these are handled and stored properly, so they have enough to distribute with their clients,” said Mr Joubert.

The minister then visited the pig genetic centre at Grand Anse, a facility which holds 166 pigs. This facility is used for the breeding of pigs which farmers can purchase.

Minister Joubert stressed on the importance of providing training to farmers about the various methods of breeding and management of sows.

He further added that adequate training and equipment would help farmers to not rely much on the facility but to rather take part in the breeding and production process in the agricultural sector.

From Grand Anse, Minister Joubert went to Pointe Larue where he stopped at the Seychelles Meteorological Authority. After being welcomed by chief executive Vincent Amelie and staff, he attended a small presentation on the roles and objectives of the authority, and its challenges. He also had the opportunity to release a balloon which tracks the atmospheric weather.

“There are certain matters which they have brought to my attention, such as the necessity to replace the expatriates working as forecasters. We have to ensure we have enough students trained every year so that in eight to 10 years’ time all of our forecasters would be local professionals providing this service,” said Mr Joubert.

The accompanying photos show Minister Joubert during his visit to SAA and SMA.


Contributed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Climate Change and Environment




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