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Elections 2020

EASF election observer mission clarifies |30 October 2020

The Eastern Africa Standby Force Election Observer Mission (EASF-EOM) has issued a statement as a point of clarification to the remarks made in the media by the chairperson of the Seychelles Human Rights Commission.

The statement reads:

“The Eastern Africa Standby Force (EASF) is one of the mechanisms under the African Union (AU) and the Republic of Seychelles is one of the member states. The EASF is a multidimensional and multinational organisation with three components namely the Civilian, the Police and the Military components. The EASF is mandated to observe elections and support countries in enhancing democracy in the region as part of its peace and security agenda. EASF has observed elections and referendums in other countries and it was done in line with the AU charter on elections, democracy and governance and other continental legal frameworks.

“EASF deployed an election observer team to Seychelles following the invitation from the government of Seychelles and the Election Commission through the department of Foreign Affairs. The EASF was the only international observer group for the recent presidential and parliamentary elections and many

regional bodies like SADC including other AU organs and international agencies are in contact with the EASF election mission and the EASF is also feeding these organisations with its reports and assessment of the election process. EASF-EOM has worked in collaboration with all stakeholders and including the civil society throughout the process.

“EASF confirms that the election observer mission in the Seychelles was a complete civilian mission, led by the head of the civilian component at EASF with observers from the media, civil society, human rights, peace and security sectors.

“The Election Commission Seychelles, the candidates and both local observer groups were fully aware that the EASF-EOM was a civilian mission but regrettably the Seychelles Human Right Commission was not aware of that information. “However, EASF-EOM notes with satisfaction the work of the Human Rights Commission in partaking in the election process and calls on everyone

to maintain respect to the rule of law and to maintain the peaceful environment.”


EASF-EOM press release

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