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Elections 2020

Presidential candidates cast their votes |27 October 2020

Like all other voters, the three candidates in the October 22-24, 2020 presidential election also had the chance to cast their votes.

Incumbent President Danny Faure of United Seychelles was the first of the three presidential candidates to cast his vote at 7am in the Beau Vallon district.

He was followed by Alain St Ange of One Seychelles who cast his vote at around 10.45am at the Les Mamelles polling station in the company of his vice-president nominee Peter Sinon.

Accompanied by his wife and two sons to the polling station at the English River crèche, the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa candidate Wavel Ramkalawan voted just after 11am.

Seychelles NATION caught up with each one of them after they had exercised their right to vote and this is what they had to say then:


Danny Faure: “I decided to vote early to motivate the Seychellois people to cast their ballots as early as possible.

“I’m confident I’m going to win the election. But if the people decide otherwise, I will accept the result.

“Let’s remain calm and respect others. Whoever wins, life will be back to normal after the elections.”


Alain St Ange: “The Seychellois people are the ones who decide who their leaders will be, so we must respect their choice no matter what.

“For the first time in history, One Seychelles will be able to break the duopoly that has existed in the National Assembly.

“I also urge all Seychellois to respect one another no matter our political affiliation.

“We have to keep this civility and respect towards one another as Seychelles is too small for us to go to war over political beliefs.”


Wavel Ramkalawan: “My running mate and I have been on La Digue since last night (Friday night) so that we could see the start of voting on Saturday on the island before going to Praslin. Then we came to Mahé and we will visit other stations to see how things are going. Until now, everything is going well.

“Although it is still early, until now there is nothing that has happened that will stop us from accepting the results of the election. May be you could ask me the same question again at around 5pm.”





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