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Elections 2020

Shortage of ballot papers due to distribution process - update 10.23pm |24 October 2020

In a press update given solely to the Seychelles Broadcasting Company (SBC), chief electoral officer Manuella Amesbury addressed shortages in ballot papers in several electoral districts stating that this was due to the distribution methods that were made as per recent amendments to the Election Act.

She noted that the Electoral Commission was supposed to carry out a top-up of ballot papers around 5pm but some stations ran out before the scheduled time.

Mrs Amesbury said that over 75,000 ballot papers were printed, much more than the total number of eligible voters. Aside from these discrepancies, Mrs Amesbury stated that the main polling day went well. Meanwhile asked around what time the general election results would be announced, she did not want to make any definitive announcements.

Due to late starts and voters that were still in line, some polling stations closed after 8pm.


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