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Famers association adopts Bel Eau school |17 October 2020

Famers association adopts Bel Eau school

The World Food Day 2020 was celebrated yesterday across the world with great enthusiasm and fervour to commemorate the founding day of the Food and Agriculture Organisation which was launched by the United Nations in 1945.

This year’s day falls under the theme ‘Grow, Nourish, and Sustain Together. Our actions are our future’.

To mark this occasion the farmers’ association officially adopted the Bel Eau primary school by providing them with supplies to start their own vegetable garden.

Addressing the students the head teacher of the school, Jane Laurette, said that through the Eco-School programme and the Wildlife clubs the students at the school will be able to learn how to plant and cultivate their own food which will develop their appreciation of cultivation.

“The students will learn to grow organic vegetables from seed and seedlings using local resources. The gardens will be luxuriant and a source of pride to them as it will not only be used by the school but we plan to also sell them,” added the head teacher.

She continued by saying that the school will expand the garden in the future and diversify the plants in it.

On his part the chairman of the Agricultural Producers Association of Seychelles, Barry Nourrice, said that the garden initiative forms part of the activities celebrating World Food Day.

“We are focusing on schools in town as most do not have gardening space. We decided to adopt the school and supply them with fertile soil and potted plants,” Mr Nourrice said.

He also added that this initiative will give students another perspective when it comes to agriculture and cultivating school and show them that agriculture can be a profitable business venture.

All plants given to the school was donated by the farmers in the association.

Several other events and outreach activities were conducted yesterday by businesses, NGOs, the media, general public, government to promote awareness among the general public for those who suffer from hunger.

The accompanying photos by our photographer Louis Toussaint show some highlights of the ceremony yesterday at the Bel Eau school.


Christophe Zialor

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