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Teachers’ Day 2020 |15 October 2020

Teachers’ Day 2020

Planting a papaya sapling in the school’s garden

BSA primary school joins in symbolic tree planting ceremony


• Donates to Cancer Concern Association


In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and the new public health protocols, this year’s Teachers’ Day activities were on a much lower scale in the different schools across the country.

However, each school had a symbolic ‘tree planting’ ceremony at their school ground at exactly 10am last Friday to mark the occasion. The plants were planted by the head teachers accompanied by the longest and shortest serving staff of each school.

Baie Ste Anne primary school was eager to join in the activity and add some extra plants to their flourishing school garden. It was in the presence of several pupils and teachers that Miss Monique Lesperance, head teacher of the school planted the papaya and banana plants accompanied by Miss Linda Marie and Miss Dingka Adrienne. Miss Marie has taught for 42 years at the school and is currently the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (Senco) while Miss Dingka Adrienne, originally from La Digue, has been teaching for the past two years at Primary 4 level.

The school also seized this occasion to make a generous donation towards the Cancer Concern Association on the island.

“We wanted a make a charitable donation towards our community to show that as a school we can also contribute and give back to our community. We chose the Cancer Concern Association as it is one that touches many lives including those related to our staff and pupils,” Miss Lesperance shared.

The R7700 donation was collected at class level and Miss Lesperance thanked all pupils, parents and staff for their generous contributions.

It was Mrs Lynda Languilla, vice-chairperson of Praslin’s Cancer Concern Association who accepted the donation and thanked the school for having chosen the association.

“We really appreciate this gesture coming from the children, their parents and the school staff. We always welcome donations as it assists us in our activities to support cancer patients and their families. So, on behalf of the chairperson and the entire association we extend our sincere thanks to you all.”

Baie Ste Anne primary school is renowned for its rich school garden which has instilled a great sense of responsibility and enthusiasm in the pupils. The newly added plants will surely assist the school in developing the pupils’ agricultural skills, as it also stands to remind the school community of this auspicious day when they celebrated the teachers with a more reflective approach.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the tree planting activity at the Baie Ste Anne primary school.


Text & photos: Nadia Bedier

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