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Much-loved Farmers’ Market brings hope and sense of community |11 July 2020

Much-loved Farmers’ Market brings hope and sense of community

If there was ever a time when an event truly reflected the sense of community in our culture, it was most certainly felt at a Farmers’ Market hosted by Wildflour Café last Saturday.

A small group of local suppliers, farmers and craftsmen had set up their stalls in front of the café at Espace Building in Victoria. The primary objective of the café owner, Elza Frichot-Dahoo, was to help the vendors sell their locally made crafts, fresh produce and prepared food and beverages. But this particular event brought a whole new meaning to a Farmers’ Market.

What was felt was a true sense of community, friendship, hope and the rediscovery that it is the people around us, and the simplest of things in life, which bring us the most happiness.

Things like holding an overflowing bag of fresh local produce, having seashells dangling from our ears, scooping a heaped spoon of local jam or honey into our mouths, eating cake and sipping coffee.        

“It is mind-blowing what we can achieve when we come together,” remarks Mrs Frichot-Dahoo. “Our philosophy here at Wildflour Café is about bringing back a sense of community and it was nice just to see everyone happy, chatting and lifting each other’s spirit. It was a simple, quiet moment where families could spend time together and socialise.”

People were delighted with the quality of the local products and fascinated by the workmanship. It was rather special for them as well to be able to buy items and produce like sage and courgettes which are rare on the local market. A great opportunity, as the innovative café owner says, to reinvent themselves in the kitchen with their families.

“At Wildflour, we strongly believe that the wellness of our people is greatly influenced by what and how they eat. We strive to build a community of people who support real food.”

She explains that it is important to have the right approach to healthy eating – it’s all about choosing wholesome foods, clean eating, having that peace of mind when eating, all while taking the time to do so with those who matter.  

The market also gave the vendors hope during the current pandemic which is an ongoing source of financial strain and low morale, especially since many catered primarily to our visitors.

They were able to meet the loyal customers of Wildflour Café to better understand their needs and wants, to be creative and to see the potential in the local market.

Mrs Frichot-Dahoo reminds us that we can all help our own people and country by simply choosing to prioritise locally made goods and homegrown produce.

“Bringing our products and services to the local community was an eye opener. We are all having to reinvent ourselves during these trying times. The pandemic is a time of reflection for everyone and more than ever, it’s important for us Seychellois to come together, be conscious, and see how to help one another.”


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Photo sources: Elza Frichot-Dahoo


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