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Seychelles meets Israel's strict medical criteria |06 June 2020

Israel is satisfied that Seychelles has the necessary structures in place to cater for the medical emergencies and possible evacuation of its citizens due here as tourists soon. 

These assurances have been given by Israeli officials on the Jewish state's media. One of the main concerns among potential visitors is other countries' inadequacy to treat COVID-19 cases.

However, the Seychelles health department has reassured its citizens and by extension, anybody interested in visiting Seychelles that we have more ICU beds, ventilators and oxygen than would ever be needed in the worst case scenario.

Seychelles recently boosted its medical workforce with 50 Kenyan nurses.

Talks between Seychelles and Israel have centred around the possibility of Israelis visiting some of our outer islands, where they would have little chance of being infected by, or infecting the locals.

Most countries pride themselves on their ability to evacuate their nationals abroad when necessary.  Only late last month, the Seychelles government footed the bill to bring back our fellow citizens stranded in India and Sri Lanka. In this regard, Israel is famous for storming Uganda and rescuing its citizens held at Entebbe airport. The tough Jewish state had flown in commandos into Uganda destroying the East African nation’s entire air force. The commandos picked up the citizens and flew them to Nairobi hospital in neighbouring Kenya. This was during the reign of Dictator Idi Amin.


Contributed by Ciiru Karuri



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