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STB welcomes new representative for the German market |04 June 2020

STB welcomes new representative for the German market

Christian Zerbian (Photo source: STB News Bureau)

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) has announced the appointment of Zerbian Business Development to represent Seychelles on the German and Austrian markets effective as of Monday June 1, 2020.

The company is directed by Christian Zerbian, a German national residing in Frankfurt with over 10 years’ experience in tourism and destination marketing.

The new German representative, with its office based at Roehrborngasse1 in Frankfurt, will be working closely with the STB team at headquarters and the regional director based in Paris executing marketing activities for and on behalf of STB on the two German-speaking territories.

“With Germany being our lead market, it was important that the work is continued with minimal impact and delay. On behalf of STB board of directors and the staff and management, I would like to welcome them onboard. We look forward to their contribution and their active involvement with our partners locally and abroad.”

Zerbian Business Development will be representing the Seychelles as a destination for a period of one year.


STB News Bureau

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