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Tour guide ‘unintentionally’ promotes Seychelles through new book |09 March 2020

Tour guide ‘unintentionally’ promotes Seychelles through new book

A picture of Anse Source D’Argent graces the cover of the book

On the occasion of the 2019 Franfurter Buchmessse, my book was presented. It is about memories from a tour guide. I used to be a tour guide for 18 years and was working for a Swiss tour operator specialised in hiking and bike tours all over the world. Each year since 1987 we spent several weeks on Mahé and Praslin and in 1990 together with my husband we worked out a very successful hiking tour in Seychelles. I was so happy that I could show this most beautiful country to so many people two to three times a year.

I chose La Digue (Anse Source d'Argent) for the cover of my book. It contains stories which happened in Spain, Cuba, Greece, India, as well as from Seychelles. Albeit unintentionally, it is a good publicity for your country.

(Editor’s note: The author, Esther Geuggis, is staying until March 28 in Grande Anse Praslin and she can be contacted on Fixtel 4 233 104 or Mobil +41795176315. Email:


Esther Geuggis

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