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Launch of new guide on climate change for hotels and guesthouses |03 March 2020

Launch of new guide on climate change for hotels and guesthouses

A souvenir photograph after the launch ceremony (Photo: Joena Meme)

The department of tourism has launched a new guide for hotels and guesthouses on ‘Climate Change: What does the future hold for small island tourism destinations such as Seychelles’.

The launch ceremony took place yesterday at the Botanical House in the presence of the Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine, Didier Dogley and his principal secretary for tourism, Anne Lafortune, and the principal secretary for energy and climate change, Wills Agricole.

This small guide was done in collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change and the Global Climate Change Alliance.

Minister Dogley noted that “we all have seen changes in our climate; since last year we have not had the best weather and one of the reasons tourists come here is because of the weather. If we cannot offer them the type of weather they are looking for, this will have an impact on our economy. Most of our hotels are on the coast so it is important that the tourism establishments and management are aware of climate change and the threats that it brings along. This small guide will help all the people in the industry to better understand the threats coming their way and help mitigate them. It is about preparedness and this is our contribution towards adapting to climate change”.

PS Agricole also talked about the importance of sharing more information about climate change and how his ministry is ready and prepared to assist wherever possible.

Philomena Hollanda, director for risk management in the tourism department added that this guide is a first of its kind to prepare for climate change in the tourism sector.

“In the tourism sector we are also concerned about climate change and the impact it has on the environment. Seychelles also is being affected. This is only the beginning and we will produce more guides to help the sector,” she said.

In the guide, you can learn about: What is climate change? How will climate change affect tourism? Climate change impacts on tourism in Seychelles, What can we do? and the useful contacts.


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