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Ministry of Environment rewards long-serving employees |26 December 2019

Ministry of Environment rewards long-serving employees

Longest-serving employee Jean-Claude Labrosse with Minister Cosgrow and PS Agricole (Photo: Thomas Meriton)

During its recent end-of-year gathering at the Savoy Resort & Spa, the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change hosted a long-service award ceremony to showcase its appreciation for its employees.

Present at the ceremony were Minister Wallace Cosgrow, principal secretary for environment Alain De Commarmond, principal secretary for energy and climate change Wills Agricole and members of the Environment Trust Fund (ETF).

Jean-Claude Labrosse was recognised as the longest serving staff with a total of twenty years devoted to the public service.

He was presented with his shield, a gift voucher, certificate and a coco de mer by Minister Cosgrow and PS Agricole.

Mr Labrosse started off his journey as a public servant on March 1, 1999 at the Ministry for Local Government and Sports after which he was transferred to the Ministry of Environment in 2006 as a supervisor in the wetlands unit.

He is presently holding the post of principal officer for climate change adaptation.

Also recognised that night were six employees who have served five years with the ministry and these were Elyn Brutus, Fabriana Molle, Cynthis Peton, George Uzice, Joanna Proper and Joannys Camille.

Meanwhile Kenneth Antat and Doris Freminot were rewarded for their 10 years of service with the ministry.

In addition to this, the ministry showed appreciation to two employees who are on the public service contract and who have been with the ministry or within the public sector for the past years.

To note, those on public service contracts are not usually acknowledged for their long years of service.

These went to Selvan Pillay who have been in the public sector for 40 years and Jeannete Larue who has served 26 long years.

Other awards of the night went to Gretel Quatre who has served as treasurer on the ETF board for 10 years and to Maria Jeanne who is retiring after four years managing the funds of the ETF.


Elsie Pointe

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