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STB strengthens relationship with its partners in Singapore |21 December 2019

STB strengthens relationship with its partners in Singapore

Partners on the Singapore market met with the designated Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) representative for their region for a series of meetings earlier in December.

The sales call conducted by Amia Jovanovic-Desir, the director for India, Australia and for South Asia, is in line with the STB’s marketing strategy to increase the destination’s visibility through the training of partners.

Mrs Jovanovic-Desir met several tour operators on the market including representatives from Fuzzie Pte Ltd, Zipan Resort Travel Pte Ltd, Fascinating Holidays Pte Ltd, UOB Travel and Luxury Retreats and carried an extensive series of meetings and destination training sessions to better equip to sell Seychelles to their clients.

Speaking of her work mission in Singapore, Mrs Jovanovic-Desir mentioned that she is very happy to have had the opportunity to showcase Seychelles as the ultimate tourist destination everyone must encounter in a lifetime.

“This visit to the Singaporean partners is so we remain consistent with our strategic approach to continuously train our partnering agents and to keep Seychelles visible on the different markets, thus positioning it both in the mind of the consumers and trade,” said Mrs Jovanovic-Desir.

To conclude the training sessions participants received Seychelles destination brochures, materials, which contain information about the 115- island paradise and a special Seychelles local/branded gifts as a souvenir.

During her time in Singapore, Mrs Jovanovic-Desir was introduced to Hanif Nomanbhoy, the newly appointed honorary consul of Seychelles in Singapore.

The meeting was the perfect occasion to initiate discussions on future joint collaboration between the STB and the office of the honorary consul in Singapore to increase destination awareness to both the tourism trade, consumers and media, about the uniqueness of Seychelles in Singapore.

Mrs Jovanovic-Desir also met Alis Shehdek, the senior sales executive of/ GSA for Srilankan Airlines LTD and Crystal Sim, the chief executive of Albatross World Travel and Tours Pte, who was recently in Seychelles on an educational trip familiarisation.

“With the growing interest for unspoilt nature based destination and the demand from the diverse market segments, Seychelles will slowly increase its market share from the Singaporean market,” added Jovanovic-Desir.


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