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Basketball: FIBA 3x3 U18 Africa Cups 2019 |07 November 2019

Who rules sports in the country?


Seychelles NATION has learned that the country will be represented at the first International Basketball Federation (Fiba) 3x3 Africa Cup for the under-18 which will take place in Kampala, Uganda from November 8-10.

Contrary to the "open" network of tournaments – which includes the Fiba 3x3 World Tour – players taking part in the Fiba 3x3 Africa Cup do not create the team themselves, but instead are selected by their national federations to represent their countries.

In Seychelles, basketball is run by the Seychelles Basketball Federation (SBF) which is not in good books with the law since its last annual general meeting (AGM) held on Saturday April 27 this year as it is linked to various discrepancy, including huge debts, fraudulent financial report, mismanagement of funds and lately, failure to provide audited account.

It was confirmed by the Office of Registrar of Associations that following failure to submit its audited account for the year 2018 as requested by the law, the case of the SBF has now reached the Office of the Attorney General.

The question is how come the local sports authority, namely the National Sports Council (NSC) has allowed the SBF to register for the continental competition, let alone covering the expenses.

As it has been the case in various situations, it is obvious that the NSC either has no teeth, or is simply adopting a laissez-faire attitude or approach.

With the basketball season yet to begin due to the ongoing investigation process, many are asking how come some players are being allowed the opportunity to compete overseas, while the majority of local players are being deprived of the chance to practice their beloved sport.

In a recent joint-press conference with representatives of the Office of Registrar of Associations, the chief executive of NSC Jean Larue bragged about drastic measures that will be taken to deal with the issue of non-compliance within the local sporting federations, a decision driven by the total non-compliance of the associations despite numerous calls for them to regularise their position.

It was explained that the level of non-compliance indicates that some of the national sport associations do not have regard for the laws of the land and it is within that line that the NSC and the Office of Registrar of Associations will now work jointly to ensure that there is order in the sport sector as the issue does not affect only the sector in question, but also the country’s record at international level.

It was also said, in the presence of the principal secretary for youth and sports Fabian Palmyre, that new measures will be put in place to ensure that problems are resolved once and for all.

What happened to the promises?

It also came to the attention of this newspaper that the young players are being accompanied by a member of the suspended executive committee.

Again, the question is how can this be possible and how come the taxpayers’ money is being spent in such unrespectable manner?

It is clear that the whole situation of non-compliance is out of hand and that the local sporting authority has no control whatsoever over the issue.

When contacted to shed some light on the issue yesterday afternoon, Mr Larue could not be reached for comments.

The eight teams registered for the U18 competition will be divided into two pools of four teams and will play a round-robin phase leading to a single elimination as of semifinal games.

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