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Golf - Adrian Andrade: A rising star's journey to the African Amateur Championship |06 March 2024

Golf - Adrian Andrade: A rising star's journey to the African Amateur Championship

Adrian Andrade (Photo: Contributed)

In the aftermath of the inaugural African Amateur Championship, all eyes turn to Adrian Andrade, the young golfer from Seychelles who is making waves on the international stage.

This rising star's journey took an impressive turn as he displayed remarkable skill and determination throughout the tournament. After two of the four rounds, where a cut is made, Adrian not only made the cut but also proceeded to deliver outstanding performances in the subsequent rounds. His third and fourth rounds were extremely impressive, culminating in an inspiring final placing of T20.

In this exclusive Q&A, Adrian shares his reflections on the tournament, providing insights into his experiences, challenges, and aspirations as he represented his country in one of Africa's premier golfing events.


Q: What does it mean to you to represent Seychelles on the international stage at the African Amateur Championship?


A: Representing Seychelles in the African Amateur Championship was a profound honour for me. It marked my debut in this prestigious tournament and symbolised a significant milestone in my golfing journey. Being chosen to carry the Seychelles flag among athletes from across Africa filled me with immense pride and gratitude.


Q: What were you most looking forward to at the inaugural African Amateur Championship at Leopard Creek?


A: One of the highlights I eagerly anticipated was the moment of being announced on the first tee and raising the Seychelles flag during the opening ceremony. Additionally, I was excited about the prospect of creating enduring memories on the course and establishing connections with fellow players from diverse backgrounds.


Q: How did you prepare for the championship both physically and mentally?


A: In the lead-up to the championship, I engaged in rigorous physical and mental preparation alongside my coaches. We focused on refining my technique and enhancing my mental resilience through strategic practice sessions and familiarisation with the course layout, especially given that it was my first time playing at Leopard Creek.


Q: What challenges did you face along the way, and how did you overcome them?


A: One notable challenge I encountered was struggling with my driver off the tee. However, with the guidance of my coach and dedicated practice sessions, I was able to make significant improvements and approach the championship with confidence.


Q: Who are some of your role models or influences in the world of golf?


A: While Tiger Woods was my childhood idol, I currently draw inspiration from Collin Morikawa. His remarkable achievements, including winning two major championships and attaining a high world ranking, serve as a beacon of motivation for me as I strive for excellence in my own golfing journey.


Q: What advice would you give to other young aspiring golfers dreaming of competing at international level?


A: My advice to aspiring young golfers is to embrace the journey with dedication and perseverance. Understand that setbacks are a natural part of the process, and use them as opportunities for growth. Enjoy every moment of training, stay focused on your goals, and never lose faith in your abilities — because with hard work and determination, dreams can indeed become reality.










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