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Assembly leaders’ replies to State-of-the-nation address 2024   |28 February 2024

Assembly leaders’ replies to State-of-the-nation address 2024   

Mr Georges

‘Our country has a vibrant democracy, with a solid economy and an engaged government,’ says LGB


The leader of government business has summarised the President’s message on the State-of-the-nation as a country with a “vibrant democracry, solid economy and engaged government”, which is a “recipe for success”.

Bernard Georges was giving his reply to the President’s address delivered last Thursday before the National Assembly.

During his 45-minute reply, the elected member for Les Mamelles started by commending President Wavel Ramkalawan for handling this annual task with “compassion, competency and dynamism”, delivering all facts that were at the tip of his fingers, with frankness, in a clear manner and from the heart.

According to Mr Georges, the President recognised the challenges, accepted where there needed to be improvement, congratulated when necessary, interfered to find solutions and inspired when required.

“What we experienced on Thursday evening was a man who was competent, dynamic, who has the energy to govern our country, a man who is feeling the pulse of the people, and has a finger on every subject that needs to be addressed in every aspect of an administration.”

Mr Georges broached various subject put forward by President Ramkalawan, including the theme of ‘unity,’ which he emphasised would determine the country’s success.

“That is what the President wants us to reflect on in his message. The government and its people are one. They are not two people, separated by time and space. What the government does, is for each of its citizen, whatever each citizen does, is done for government,” stressed the LGB, adding that once every person understands this, then each person will review their daily action.

“The President’s message is for us to act with intelligence. Let us spend only what we have. Let us be responsible. Let us unite. Because it is through unity and responsibility that we will progress.”

On the issue of ‘vibrant democracy’, LGB said that Seychelles enjoys an open democracy, which is of high standard where people’s rights are respected. He highlighted the upcoming Constitutional amendments, which will see fixed election dates, as a way of strengthening the democracy.

With regard to a ‘solid economy’, LGB said despite local and international challenges, including last year’s December 7 disasters, Seychelles’ economy has remained resilient and solid, and all this thanks to Mr Ramkalawan’s strong leadership, with the support of his finance minister and the majority of Seychellois people who understand the administration’s philosophy that a country needs to spend what it has and to spend it well.

Mr Georges also pointed out various past actions by the former administration, which he said are now being handled by the current government citing the water pollution in La Misère, fungus infestation in workplaces, noise pollution at the Baie Ste Anne electricity station and the coup d’etat, where victims are waiting to be compensated.

“Today, February 27, 2024, I Bernard Georges, elected member for Les Mamelles and leader of government business in the National Assembly, propose that if a person or company commits an action where government have to pay compensation – be it pollution of a marsh of the Les Mamelles river, or an explosion, or coup d’etat – the person, or the company or political party that caused the damage, will have to pay for the reparation.”

Mr Georges added the government will only come in to provide immediate assistance, but it will have to be refunded by the perpetrators.

“It is the only way that we can show each Seychellois and political party that they have to take responsibility for their actions at all times.”

On the issue of government engagement, LGB commended the President’s decision to declare the year 2024 as a year for action, describing the head of state as one who is heavily engaged with his people.

He concluded by reiterating the President’s appeal to his colleagues and the population to do their part for Seychelles, as “Seychelles is ours”.


Patsy Canaya


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