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Remembering the late Rosie Bistoquet |23 February 2024

Remembering the late Rosie Bistoquet

A black ribbon now adorns the seat of the late Rosie Bistoquet in parliament as well as a photo of her (Photo: National Assembly)

Members of Seychelles’ parliament yesterday paid tribute to their late colleague, Rosie Bistoquet who died tragically on December 22, last year, while still in office.

A black ribbon now adorns her seat in parliament, as well as a photo of the late member of the National Assembly (MNA) who was a proportionally elected member of the Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) caucus. She was 62 years old.

The LDS caucus was joined by the United Seychelles MNAs for an emotional remembrance ceremony in the presence of family members of the late Rosie Bistoquet.

Yesterday was exactly two months since her passing and the members, namely Gervais Henrie, Sandy Arissol, Regina Esparon, Kelly Samynadin of LDS and Sylvanne Lemiel and Egbert Aglaé of US, remembered her through heartfelt testimonies, highlighting her strong, confident and friendly personality, professionalism, and contributions towards the country in the field of health and as a parliamentarian.

Deputy Speaker Henrie remembered their last conversation at the party’s executive meeting on December 21, hours before her death, when they were reflecting on the participation of more women in the LDS party and in Seychelles’ politics in general. “Everybody in the party who believes in women’s emancipation, know we have lost a sincere ally towards this venture,” said Mr Henrie.

He described Mrs Bistoquet as a “helpful person, filled with compassion” and thanked her for “showing everyone how to embrace life with open arms.”

LDS’ chief whip Sandy Arissol also paid homage to the late honourable, presenting his sincere condolences to the family and thanking them “for lending us your mother, sister, and aunty to join this political work. We want to thank you for her time, love and experience shared with us during her short tenure.”

Elected member for Glacis Regina Esparon also shared a few words “for our sister.” Speaking on behalf of the women’s caucus, Mrs Esparon said there were no words to describe the tragic event that robbed them of Mrs Bistoquet.

“The departure of Honourable Rosie is a broken link in the chain that kept us together as a women’s committee, where there was that unity to work together regardless on which side of the table we sat on, because our aim was to promote women’s integrity,” said Mrs Esparon.

“It is very difficult to restart without the presence of Honourable Bistoquet, because things will never be the same as she was unique in her way of thinking and doing things,” she added.

As for elected member for Au Cap, Kelly Samynadin, she also paid an emotional tribute to the late MNA. She has been appointed to replace Mrs Bistoquet as chairperson of the standing committee forum on human and social development and special programmes of SADC-PF.

Ms Samynadin recalled the night she heard the sad news and how deeply it affected her as Mrs Bistoquet was a dear colleague and friend. The member could not hold back tears as she described the late MNA as “a devoted person in anything she did and who was passionate in her chairmanship roles.”

On the US side, chief whip Sylvanne Lemiel also shared her love and respect for Mrs Bistoquet, stating it was an honour to deliver a tribute on behalf of her caucus.

She described the late MNA as someone who was elegant, authoritative, liked to joke, a hard worker, and passionate. Mrs Lemiel also highlighted her contribution in the health sector as a nurse and as a member of parliament, where she sat on various committees including the women’s caucus where she was an active member, bringing forth pertinent issues for the empowerment of women.

“On the other committees, she was always serious, disciplined and firm,” said Mrs Lemiel, adding that when she started something she always wanted to see progress and a successful end to it.

“We can say we have lost an asset who had plenty to contribute in the National Assembly and in the health sector, where she was chairman one of the associations,” noted Mrs Lemiel.

Egbert Aglaé, vice-chairman of the HIV/Aids and sexual and reproductive health committee which was led by the former MNA, also paid his respect.

He pointed out the key contributions she made in health, be it locally, regionally and internationally, and described her as a woman who never hesitated to push the health agenda among the population.

“She was a brave woman, who stood firm in her belief to push forward the agendas through our committee.

“Today we salute all her efforts and devotion through all the contributions put forth. She was never scared to speak up, to say when it was right and to propose ideas where it was wrong so we could move forward,” added Mr Aglaé.

Following the testimonies, the son of the late MNA, Jude Bistoquet, was presented with a book of condolences by the assembly’s sergeant-at-arms Antoine Rose.

Speaker Mancienne said it was a gesture which he hopes would bring some closure to the tragic event.

As a last sign of ‘adieu’ to Mrs Bistoquet, the members observed one minute of silence before joining her family members outside for a photo shoot.


Patsy Canaya


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