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SBC’s Paradise FM charts |12 February 2024

Ambitious occupies top two slots on the chart


It was just a minor change at the top of the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation’s Paradise FM charts last week, with two songs by reggae artist Ambitious switching places. ‘Kontan ou parey’ featuring Farhine, which had been in second position, climbed to the number one spot, pushing ‘Nouvo ladres’ to number two.

Both songs released on Ambitious’ latest album in December – ‘Lazistis Jah’ – have been performing well after only few weeks on the chart – three weeks for ‘Kontan ou Parey’ and four weeks for ‘Nouvo ladres’.

Ambitious’ dominance remains with three other songs on the chart, namely ‘Kontan dan bet’ featuring Keartsea at number four after only two weeks on the chart. It made a huge leap from ninth spot.

‘Mon leker’ climbed from seventh to sixth, whilst ‘Mazin ou’ lost some ground after spending 15 weeks on the chart, dropping from number five to eight.

Isis and Isham are also progressing well with their ‘7 Desanm’ song which pays tribute to the December 7 disasters, as it climbed one spot from fourth to third place last week after having spent only three weeks on the chart. It is a steady climb from fifth place when it entered the chart.

Cusman’s ‘Soulmate’ also made a slight progress from number six to number five. Interestingly, Jones Camille, who had been dominating the chart late last year with ‘Bondye Mizerikord’ comes in with a new entry titled ‘Ekout mon Lapriyer’ at number seven. 

The artist’s ‘Bondye Mizerikord’ song, which has spent 16 weeks on the chart, including five at number one, has now dropped to the ninth spot. It is a big drop from the previous third place slot.

Paradise FM chart also welcomed a new entry last week from Gino titled ‘Desten’ at number 10.

Fans are invited to vote for their best songs on Paradise FM’s shows, namely Tripotaz from 10am to 11am, The Cruize from 2pm to 3pm and between 4:45pm and 6pm.


The charts

  1.         Kontan Ou Parey

    (Ambitious Ft Farhine) (#1 for 1w)

    (P.Week 2 > T.Week-1 ) – WOC(3) - PP (1)

2...Nouvo Ladres (Ambitious) – (#1 for 2w)

     (P.Week1> T.Week- 2) – WOC(4) - PP (1)

3...7 Desanm (Isis & Isham)

     (P.Week 4 > T.Week- 3) – WOC(3) - PP (5

4...Kontan Dan Bet (Ambitious Ft Keartsea)

     (P.Week 9 > T.Week- 4) – WOC(2) - PP (10

5...Soulmate (Cusmun)

     (P. Week 6 > T. Week- 5) – WOC(4) - PP (6)

6...Mon Leker (Ambitous)

     (P.Week 7 > T.Week- 6) – WOC(4) - PP (8)

7...Ekout Mon Lapriyer (Jones Camille)

     (New.E> T.Week- 7) – WOC(1) - PP (7)

8...Mazin Ou (Ambitious) – (#1 for 5w)

     (P.Week 5 > T.Week- 8) – WOC(15) - PP (1)

9...Bondye Mizerikord

     (Jones Camille) (#1 for 5w)

     (P.Week 3 > T.Week- 9) – WOC(16) - PP (1)

10...Desten (Gino)

       (New. E > T.Week- 10) – WOC(1) - PP (10)











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