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Wait is over for S5 2023 students |10 February 2024

Wait is over for S5 2023 students

ALL SMILES … A student receiving his results at the Persévérance secondary school (Photo: Kurtrine Albert)

Education ministry distributes post-secondary slips


After waiting with anticipation for weeks for their post-secondary slips, secondary five students of 2023 were finally presented with the results yesterday at their respective school.

Seychelles NATION made some rounds to different schools dishing out the slips to get a feel of the students’ moods.

At the Belonie secondary school we were met with a group of eager and nervous students. Deputy head teacher for studies Erina Rose said the distribution had been going quite smoothly since morning. “We have been operating on a numbering system to keep the order,” explained Ms Rose.

Ms Rose added that the school was very proud with their students’ performance and with those who managed to qualify for post-secondary studies.

One of the students, Alvin Simon expressed his satisfaction at the result. He has been accepted into the Diploma for Construction course at the Seychelles Institute of Technology. “Although I did not get into the institution that I wanted, I am still satisfied,” said Alvin Simon.

Lisa Dubois said: “I am happy to have gotten the institution I wanted, which is SMA (Seychelles Maritime Academy) and I am excited for the next chapter.”

At Persévérance secondary school we were met with a long queue of people awaiting their slips. Tyra Marie was among those who had already received her slip and she had been admitted at the National Institute of Health and Social Studies (NIHSS).

“I am so happy to have finally gotten my results, I am very proud to see that my hard work has paid off and I cannot wait to see what the future holds,” said Tyra.

Another student from the Persévérance school, Jerrick Labaleine, said he was satisfied with his results, although he is quite surprised by the outcome, since he did not perform well in the exams.

Maria Paulin, head of year for the S5 students of 2023, said the school was generally satisfied with the performance of the S5 cohort. “Most of the students received their first choice, along with some who received their second choice. However, there are some who did not receive any post-secondary institutions,” shared Ms Paulin.

She added there was still the appeal process and the school has advised them to return on Monday to appeal for the school of their choice.

Seychelles NATION also spoke to two students from the Anse Royale secondary school.

Chloe Harriba did not get good news. “Frankly I am disappointed with myself, however, I will still continue to push forward perhaps it was not my time but I want to congratulate all my fellow classmates who made it,” said a disappointed Chloe.

Jerael Ladouceur was feeling so proud. “I knew I could do it when I saw my results and I have never been prouder,” said Jerael.

Seychelles NATION wishes all the students good luck throughout their future endeavours and hopes that they succeed in their dreams.


Kassey Govinden

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