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ISS champions environmental conservation with inclusive mangrove planting initiative |10 February 2024

ISS champions environmental conservation with inclusive mangrove planting initiative

International School Seychelles continues to make significant strides in environmental stewardship with its latest collaborative effort, bringing together students from the School for the Hearing Impaired and ISS' primary wildlife club.

This endeavour, now in its second year, showcases the school's commitment to inclusivity, education, and environmental sustainability.

The recent mangrove planting event in Mont Fleuri saw the convergence of diverse talents, as students from the School for the Hearing Impaired joined forces with the ISS primary wildlife club. Secondary students lent their expertise, providing invaluable guidance on the intricate process of planting mangroves. The event received an extra boost with the presence of Vicky Alis, former head girl of ISS, who actively participated in the muddy task of planting 50 new seedlings.

Alumni involvement took center stage during this environmental initiative, underscoring ISS' dedication to fostering a sense of responsibility and connection to the community and the planet. Miss Alis, an ISS alumna, exemplified the school's motto ‘You are not born for yourself, but for the world’, by contributing firsthand to the conservation efforts.

The collaboration with neighbours in Mont Fleuri for the second consecutive year exemplifies ISS' commitment to community engagement and collective environmental responsibility. The school extends heartfelt thanks to the School for the Hearing Impaired community for their hard work in planting mangroves in the mud, enriching the local ecosystem.

During the event, ISS expressed gratitude to the staff who accompanied the students, going above and beyond by translating instructions into sign language for the hearing-impaired participants. The inclusive nature of the initiative aligns with ISS core values of diversity and accessibility in education.

The visit concluded on a high note with an exciting sighting of a mangrove whipray, further highlighting the richness and diversity of the local ecosystem.

Elodie Vallantine, principal of International School Seychelles, commended the collaborative efforts, stating "ISS is proud to foster a culture of environmental responsibility and inclusivity. We extend our gratitude to Ms Susan Ansell, environment leader at ISS, for her outstanding efforts in leading initiatives that make a positive impact on our planet."

ISS remains at the forefront of environmental education, driven by a commitment to a sustainable future. The school's focus on conservation aligns with the understanding that mangroves play a crucial role in mitigating climate change, providing habitat for diverse marine life, and protecting coastal areas from erosion.

International School Seychelles celebrates its 55th anniversary in 2024, emphasizing its position as the longest running private school in the country. In line with its motto ‘You are not born for yourself, but for the world’, the school has planned 55 acts of giving throughout 2024, making a difference outside of the school community. This was act of giving number 5 out of 55.




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