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Athletics: Mountain West Indoor Championship |09 February 2024

Athletics: Mountain West Indoor Championship

Chetty competing in the 200m sprint (Photo: Contributed)

Natasha Chetty sets new PB in 200m dash


Seychellois Natasha Chetty, who is currently following her studies at the University of Nevada Reno, United States of America, recently set a new personal best of 25.26 seconds and Seychelles indoor recordin the 200m sprint in an inter-school tournament which was held at in Spokane, Washington.

The prolific track and field athlete was ranked 32nd out of 101 athletes in the 200m sprint and ninth out of 40 in the long jump to qualify forthe final but her coach – Scott Williamson – agreed for her not to proceed.

Chetty,who is studying accounting on a full scholarship, was approached by Scott Williamson to join the team.

In an interview with Sports NATION, Chetty said she performed fairly but feels that she could have done better.

“I had an injury which prolonged till 2023, but I saw myself regaining my previous form as my condition improved. I feel that I am regaining my strength. My time in training is quite good, although we work more on short sprints rather than long ones, but hopefully I can see myself improving my results in forthcoming heats,” noted Chetty.

The 23-year-old athlete also addedthat her training is going great as she is doing mostly weights during her workouts and participates in much strength building exercise and has learned to take off with her opposite foot due to her injury.

“My treatment and recovery are very important after practice as I need some extra care as precautionary measures due to my previous injury,”addedChetty.

Making her comeback at two invitational meets earlier this year, Chetty said for her first tournament in 2024 she performed poorly and clocked 26.91 seconds in the 200m sprint.

“I was competing in four different events, namely the 200m and 60m sprint, long jump and 4x4 relay and it was really overwhelming as once I had completed an event, without rest I had to rush to the other one. My coach and I have agreed that for future competitions I will be participating in only two events, with my primary disciplines being long jumpand the 200m sprint,” said the young Seychellois athlete.

Chetty also added that she has never competed in the 200m sprint before for her university but she was persuaded by her coach Williamson after seeing her results during practice. Sprinting was also used as part of her rehabilitation.

“It helps me focus on something else apart from jumping and at the same time it brings great benefits towards my physical form,” said Chetty.

The young athlete said she is still training as a jumper but feels that if she was following the same programme as a sprinter she could have done better.

“I have not yet decided whether I will pursue a career in athletics as a jumper or as a sprinter or even both,” said Chetty.

Chetty enrolled at the University of Nevada Reno in August 2021 and did not compete in her first year.Her first competition was in the indoor season in 2022 where she won a gold medal in long jump and that was when she also sustained the injury which prohibited her from competing in outdoor tournaments.

“I was targeting the school record but could not break it, and this year I am planning to do so and also succeed in anything I set my mind to. I also wish that 2024 will be a great campaign for me and that I can represent Seychelles across different competitions,” said Chetty.

The University of Nevada, Reno is a public land-grant research university in Reno, Nevada.

It is the state's flagship public university and primary land grant institution.


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