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Revolutionizing global dialogue   |24 January 2024

Revolutionizing global dialogue   

Recording the podcast

  •           Danny Faure Foundation launches insightful 10-minute podcast series


In a ground-breaking initiative by the Danny Faure Foundation (DFF), the first episode of a new podcast series, hosted by Larrey Chetty, will be launched tomorrow, Thursday January 25.

According to the foundation, the podcast promises insightful weekly content condensed into an engaging 10-minute format. It is a platform for experts and stakeholders to talk about their vision, experience and also propose solutions for concerns regarding the ocean, the Blue Economy, Transparency, Accountability and Good Governance, Leadership and Gender Equality, Youth and Positive Lifestyles.

Speaking to Seychelles NATION, the chairman, Danny Faure, explained that for the last two years, the foundation has done a lot of work internationally and locally, organising several competitions.

“When I discussed with my team, the common consensus was that the time has come for us to make use of the new technologies available and continue to advocate the pillars that we stand for and also make use of the contacts and networks I have created over the years when I was in office,” he stated.

Mr Faure said there are like-minded people who believe that we should move towards a more sustainable world. Therefore, this will create the platform for them to participate and contribute their ideas.

“They will contribute towards one humanity. We have one home, and that is the planet.”

Strategically, the 10-minute format is due to that being the normal attention span for a human being and when asked how the podcast will reach out to the youth, Mr Faure commented there should be a start somewhere. “Today, most of the youth in Seychelles and around the world are either on Facebook and they have a mobile phone and accessibility to the internet.”

Another advantage which users will have is that they can always go back to an episode at their own leisure. He noted that it will also be up to the youth to have a roundtable discussion on a particular theme that was discussed on the podcast. “I think it is a great opportunity for our youth to learn on what is happening across the globe.”

Mr Faure explained that based on how it is structured, the first programme will appear on January 25, followed by the episodes scheduled for February. The podcasts will be promoted on the DFF website, across the social media platforms and at forums attended by the DFF including the Podbean, which is a free access.

The guests will be both locals and international speakers from as far as the pacific, New Zealand and even Canada, according to Mr Faure. “It is going to be exciting.”

The main language for the podcast will be in English and eventually as it grows, it will extend to French and perhaps potentially creole.

Mr Chetty is a BBC trained radio producer and broadcaster who has worked for the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) for many years and has vast years of experience on Radyo Sesel.


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