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IECD initiates investigation against childcare service provider |22 January 2024

The Institute of Early Childhood Development (IECD) issued a notice yesterday, informing the general public of an investigation into a formal grievance filed on Friday against an IECD-registered childcare service.

The grievance relates to injuries sustained by a 5-month old baby, while under the care of the childcare provider.

According to the notice, the child suffered injuries to the face and head.

The institution, which was recently recognised as a Unesco Category II Centre for Early Childhood Development states that “the necessary steps are being undertaken for an investigation into the matter, as per the institute’s internal procedures”. The institution is liaising with the department of Social Affairs in doing so.

Additionally, IECD jumped at the opportunity to remind childcare service providers to adhere to standards and guidelines for such operations at all times, to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the children entrusted to their care.

The notice follows the circulation of photographs of a baby who appears to have suffered from head injuries, accompanied by a screenshot, on social media over the weekend. Seychelles NATION cannot confirm whether the notice correlates with the social media posts, as IECD officials could not be reached for a comment.


Laura Pillay


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