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2019 Eden Island-sponsored Optimist sailing cup |22 October 2019

2019 Eden Island-sponsored Optimist sailing cup

Luca Marzocchi in his element

Luca Marzocchi 2019 champ


Ranked fifth with 12 points last year, Luca Marzocchi made remarkable improvement this time to take the win in the 2019 Eden Island-sponsored Optimist sailing cup.

Altogether, eight young sailors got their feet wet as they battled for this year’s title, but Marzocchi completely dominated the regatta to take three wins in as many races in the Eden Island bay for a total of 3 points.

Odysius Melanie finished as runner-up with 8 points. After finishing fourth in the first race, Melanie went on to claim second place finishes in both races two and three.

Third was Yves Fock-Heng with 9 points, fourth Dean Mathiot (10 points), fifth Laurant Contoret (17 points), sixth Fabio Bertola Thevenon (19 points), seventh Travis Ho Peng (21 points) and eighth Stephanie Lalande (24 points).

Once back on dry land and the prize-giving ceremony had ended, all the competitors enjoyed snacks and drinks sponsored by Eden Island.

The regatta was organised by the Seychelles Yachting Association and sponsored by Eden Island.


Winners of the regatta

2009 Ryan De Silva

2010 Alison Hoareau

2012 Alison Hoareau

2013 Brad André

2014 Ryan Alcindor

2015 Scott André

2016 Dominique Labrosse

2017 Dominique Labrosse

2018 Fabio Bertola

2019 Luca Marzocchi

Note: The regatta was not organised in 2011.


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