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Health Care Agency administers adult tetanus diphtheria (TD) vaccine against increased risk of tetanus disease   |11 December 2023

The Health Care Agency is advising members of the public who has any cuts or wounds, who are over 25 years of age, and have not had a Tetanus booster in the last 10 years, to contact their respective community health centre for the vaccine.

In a statement issued on Saturday the agency said that due to the recent natural disasters and other incidents like heavy rain, flooding, landslides, and damaged properties, there is a higher likelihood of people getting cuts and injuries.

“This increases the risk of contracting Tetanus disease. This measure will help protect and reduce the risk of contracting the disease,” read the statement.

Meanwhile the Ministry of Health has reversed a decision issued last Friday, cautioning people from going into the sea in Beau Vallon after heavy rain and flooding damaged sewage system in the Northern region of Mahé, causing contamination of water flowing into the sea.

The ministry took the decision as a precautionary public health measure considering the area is highly frequented by locals and visitors alike.

Since Saturday, they can now resume their normal beach and sea leisure activities.


Compiled by Patsy Canaya

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