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SNYC launches new helpline for youth |30 November 2023

‘Beacon of hope and support for our young people,’ says CEO


The Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC) yesterday launched its helpline, number 2 725 725, with the aim of reducing mental health issues among young people.

The helpline is to provide a safe and accessible platform for those aged between 15 and 35 years, to receive free psychosocial support and information, through immediate 7/7 basic counselling and referral services via telephone calls, text and WhatsApp.

The service aims to increase support to young people who often have limited access to counselling and psychological services owing to stigma, according to SNYC.

It comes as a response to the demand of support due to the rapid increase in mental health issues such as suicide, self-harm, bullying and relationships which are challenging and requires understanding from professionals through the use and effectiveness of technology.

Speaking to Seychelles NATION, SNYC’s chief executive, Albert Duncan, said, “Today marks a significant milestone as we unveil our hotline; beacon of hope and support for our young people. This helpline is not just a service, it is a commitment to the wellbeing of our youth, offering them a lifeline during times of uncertainty and stress. We believe that every young person deserves a supportive ear and guidance. Our message to the youth is clear: you are not alone and help is just a call away.”

Under the supervision of the SNYC, four mental health professionals will provide daily service from 6pm to midnight, including on weekends and on holidays.Their tasks will include provide relevant information, counselling and referral of clients to necessary institutions or agencies for further support or services if required.

They are also expected to accurately obtain and record client information for use in identifying services and needs of callers, as well as maintainan up-to-date Caller Log and Mental Health Services registry for the country.

The helpline will be in operation until the end of January 2024, whereby SNYC will review the project.


Compiled by Patrick Joubert

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