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Fisheries and Agriculture

Fisheries Week |21 November 2023

Fisheries Week

Adianna Cadeau

Adianna Cadeau aspires for the maritime sector to be more gender balanced


Pondering on the endurance and resilience of individuals working as seafarer on cargo ships has been a main source of inspiration for Adianna Cadeau. Life aboard large vessels combined with her love for monitoring and manipulation of data has drawn Adianna into the field of fisheries statistics specifically from purse seine vessels.

She is currently a data fisheries statistical officer at the Seychelles Fishing Authority.

Apart from an attractive salary and perks that the field offers, Adianna appreciates the opportunities to leave port and go on fishing trips.

She truly feels that she is making a vital contribution to her country. She believes that collection and analysis of data allows for more factual display of how important the fishing industry is to the economy of Seychelles. 

“No contribution is too small. As one person I also contribute to show the positive impact of fisheries as well as its stresses and the need to protect the marine ecosystem,” she explains.

The ocean holds many wonders. Adianna has great respect for the marine flora and fauna. She asserts that there should be more research work done to contribute to the conservation of marine resources. 

As a young adult who has surmounted multiple difficulties in her career, she often uses her experience to advise and mentor other youth into taking up a career in maritime.

“There are many career prospects in the maritime field. I do not see much youth pursuing their careers in the maritime industry,” says Adianna.

Adianna aspires for the maritime sector to be more gender balanced, promoting increased revenue and development.


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