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Legendary goalkeeper Ange Dubignon to be honoured in charity match |18 November 2023

Legendary goalkeeper Ange Dubignon to be honoured in charity match

Mr Dubignon’s relatives including daughter Maria (first left) (Photo: Contributed)

Legendary goalkeeper Ange Dubignon, AKA ‘Ti Ange’ who has been an iconic figure on the football scene, is set to be honoured in a charity match organised by the Legend Foundation, later this month.

Scheduled to take place on Sunday November 26, 2023 at Stad Popiler, the match aims to raise funds to support Mr Dubignon’s medical treatment and will feature his sons – Kenny and Kenneth Dubignon.

Known for his exceptional skills and contributions to local football, Ange Dubignon has been an influential figure, both for his local team St. Louis FC and the Seychelles national team. His remarkable talent and dedication have left a lasting impact on the football community.

Reflecting on Dubignon’s illustrious career, his colleague Paul Khan fondly recalled their time playing together and emphasised Ange’s pivotal role as the best goalkeeper Seychelles had during his era. Winger Khan reminisced about one of their memorable matches against Leopard FC of Kenya in the old African Club Champions Cup at Stad Popiler, where Ange’s outstanding performance saw him save the team through two penalty kicks scored, ultimately leading to a thrilling 3-3 draw.

The upcoming charity match not only serves as a tribute to Ange Dubignon’s remarkable legacy but also stands as a testament to the enduring support and admiration he has garnered throughout his football career. It is an opportunity for fans and supporters to come together and show their appreciation for Dubignon while contributing to a noble cause.

The Legend Foundation, through one of its members, Jude Woodcock, has expressed their enthusiasm in hosting the legend match for Ange, with plans to make it an Anse Aux Pins vs St Louis affair as was in the heydays of ‘Ti Ange’.

“The players have been selected from clubs from these districts, namely St Michel FC, Red Star FC, as well as St Louis FC, and Sunshine FC, who later merged to form St Louis Suns. These teams were known for attracting large crowds during that period,” said Woodcock who played for Mont Buxton before joining St Michel with the return of club sports in the early 1990s.

The participation of Ange’s son, Kenny Dubignon, adds a poignant touch to the event, symbolising the continuation of the family’s football legacy and the unity within the sporting community.

“I am thrilled to hear about the football match being organised in honour of my father, who is currently undergoing treatment in Mauritius. It’s heartwarming to see the support and solidarity from the football community, and I’m sure it will be a memorable event for everyone involved,” Kenny said.

He added that he and his whole family are grateful, particularly to the foundation’s chairperson, Don Anacoura, for such a gesture.

Another child of Mr Dubignon, Maria, is urging all St Louis fans to join the cause and support her father in regaining his health.

The venue for this charitable endeavour, Stad Popiler, is expected to be filled with supporters, well-wishers, and fans who are eager to contribute to this noble cause. The match promises to be a celebration of Ange Dubignon’s remarkable career and an opportunity for the football community to come together in support of a beloved figure.



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