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SCU celebrates International Credit Union Day with a week of community engagement |18 October 2023

SCU celebrates International Credit Union Day with a week of community engagement

To celebrate the 75th International Credit Union Day, the Seychelles Credit Union (SCU) is hosting several activities aimed at making a more significant impact on the community.

International Credit Union Day is celebrated annually on the third Thursday in October and this year it falls on October 19.

In an interview with Seychelles NATION, SCU’s chief executive, Annarita Stravens, explained that the organisation was actively engaging its members and the broader community through the activities.

The celebration began with a generous gesture, sponsoring breakfast for children at Bel Eau creche and Bel Eau annex creche and serving cupcakes to brighten their day.

SCU's representatives also conducted a talk at the University of Seychelles (UniSey) and made a substantial donation to the Red Cross Society of Seychelles, from money contributed by the staff, emphasising the principle of community involvement.

On the official International Credit Union Day, SCU plans to distribute small tokens to its staff and engage the community with a trivia question on Radio Games.

On October 21, in collaboration with the Next Step Group and friends, SCU will sponsor the painting of an old people's home.

Throughout the week, SCU will feature a ‘Meet our Board, Committee Members, and Management Team’ segment on social media to foster greater member engagement.

International Credit Union Day holds significant meaning for SCU and its members. It serves as a reminder of the cooperative values that underpin the credit union movement. This year's theme, ‘Celebrating 75 Years’, acknowledges the historic milestone of the day, highlighting the positive impact of credit unions worldwide.

The Credit Union's celebration is designed to emphasise its commitment to the communities it serves, further solidifying the cooperative principles that guide its operations.

“The Seychelles Credit Union (SCU) is celebrating over the course of the week so that we can make a bigger impact as opposed to one day only where the number of events would have been limited,” said the chief executive.

While fostering community engagement, SCU is also conducting educational and awareness programmes as part of the celebration.

“These initiatives aim to promote financial literacy, money management skills, and responsible financial decision-making,” said Mrs Stravens.

Throughout the extended celebration, SCU places a strong emphasis on the cooperative principles that underlie its operations. Credit unions are deeply connected to their local communities, and their commitment to community development is at the core of their mission.

Looking ahead, SCU's long-term vision centres on being the preferred financial institution for its members. Its mission revolves around delivering high-quality, affordable products and services through modern and digital channels while upholding cooperative values.

The activities undertaken during this ICU Day celebration are part of a broader plan, which includes ongoing investments to modernise and digitalise the SCU's operations.

SCU's aspirations for the future include emphasising its member-focused approach, increasing awareness of its commitment to keeping fees as low as possible and maintaining competitive interest rates.

It also wants to continue to engage in community-based activities, not just on ICU Day but as part of its yearly plan and strategic objectives, empowering its members with financial knowledge, money management skills, and responsible financial decision-making.

The accompanying photos show some highlights at the Bel Eau crèches.


Text & photos by Sunny Esparon



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