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4th History fair for schools officially launched |12 October 2019

4th History fair for schools officially launched

Viewing the exhibition

The Seychelles National Archives yesterday morning officially launched the History Fair 2019-2020, under the theme ‘Evolution of Settlement in Seychelles’, to mark the 250th anniversary of the first settlement in Seychelles.

The launch of the fair took place in a small ceremony held at the Seychelles Institute for Teacher Education (Site) where archivists had prepared a small exhibition entitled ‘The History of Seychelles in Pictures’ as a glimpse to whet the viewers’ appetite for the History fair in 2020.

Present were the Designated Minister and Minister for Culture Macsuzy Mondon, the Minister for Education and Human Resource Development Jeanne Simeon, the leader of government business in the National Assembly Charles De Comarmond, principal secretaries, special advisors, students, teachers and staff from the Ministry of Culture.

The History fair is an exhibition of projects based on exploration or investigation of issues relating to Seychelles’ history. It is a bi-annual activity initiated by the National Archives since 2009 with the aim of engaging the youth and society to cultivate and re-discover the pride of our national identity. The fair is open to all schools. This is the fourth fair launched since it was first held in 2009 and was last held in 2011.

The History fair will be hosted during celebrations to mark the 250th anniversary of the first settlement in Seychelles, precisely on St Anne in 1770, which will be held from August 27-31, 2020.

In launching the fair, the special advisor to the minister for culture, Emmanuel D’Offay, said that it is only when, as a nation, we appreciate and understand our history that we become strong individuals and patriots who can take wise decisions in regards to our future.

He noted that it is important for the youth to know and understand, through our history, where we as Seychellois come from for them to be able to forge a bright future.

“History cannot be re-written, erased or changed but we can learn from it,” Mr D’Offay said.

Mr D’Offay further said that it is through these sorts of activities that we get to remind ourselves of our humble origin and our dignity so that whatever difficulties we may face as a nation, we shall come out stronger with that same joie de vivre and determination which has been our devise since our existence.

He encouraged all schools to participate so as to make the fair a success.

The ceremony ended with viewing of the small exhibition.

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