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Athletics: Seychelles Former Athletes Association (SFAA) Competition |16 September 2023

Athletics: Seychelles Former Athletes Association (SFAA) Competition

Some of the past athletes who will compete at next Saturday’s event

Remembering all fallen athletes

Track and field or athletics as it is more commonly known locally is among the country’s top discipline which has flown the Seychelles’ flag high at international level, bringing glory, with the most recent achievement being that of long-distance runner Ivan Moïse who won two gold medals at the recently held 11th Indian Ocean Islands Games (IOIG) in Madagascar.

Sadly, many of the track and field stars have left us, some prematurely, leaving behind their legacies as inspirations for the younger generations of athletes.

To keep their memories alive, the Seychelles Former Athletes Association (SFAA) –  set up  to allow all former athletes to stay in touch, but most importantly active, especially after their days of competing are done, through activities for health benefits – will be hosting a track and field competition next Saturday at Stad Popiler.

The activity, the second to be hosted by the SFAA, will gather around 40 ex-athletes who will compete in various events, including 100m, 200m, 400m, 1,500m, 60m hurdles, mixed-relay 80m, high jump, long jump, and shot put.

Speaking to Sports NATION, SFAA secretary Rency Balgobin said they are hosting the event to honour all those who have contributed in one way or another in promoting, developing and representing track and field in Seychelles, but are no longer among us.

She explained that for the competition, the ex-athletes have been drawn into three groups – Champions (Blue), Legends (Yellow), and Elites (Red) – whereby they will compete in teams.

The competition, which will start at 2pm, will also see the participation of a team of athletes from the Indian Ocean Tuna Ltd (IOT), bringing more excitement and fun.

Mrs Balgobin added that the competition will also show the young athletes how the atmosphere was in the past whenever there was an event, or similar competition, further adding that it is also a way to support and motivate the younger athletes by showing them that there is no limit to sports.

To help encourage, support and promote the development of athletics in Seychelles, the SFAA was initially set up in 2016, but formerly registered in 2020, also with the aim of maintaining the value of friendships, the importance of keeping in touch, as well as the opportunity to reconnect with former teammates and friends.

Other than recognising past athletes for their achievements – with some still holding national records – the SFAA also promotes and gives a helping hand to the Seychelles Athletics Federation (SAF) in the development of athletics in Seychelles, while also promoting athletics and its values among the youths, regardless of  their gender, religion or colour.

They also visit former athletes who are in one way or another in need of moral support following illnesses, or serious injuries, bringing some joy into their lives, letting them know that they have not been forgotten.

The association has also been very active in different activities, including revamping the long-jump area of Stad Popiler, where members used their own resources and manpower to carry out the renovation work, before two commemorative plaques were placed on the sandpits to honour the two past athletes ‒ Arthur Agathine and Danny Beauchamp ‒ who contributed greatly towards local athletics, both at local and international level.

Other than Mrs Balgobin, the association is also made up of Joseph Volcy (chairman), Paul Lesperance (treasurer), Danny Benoit, Vincent Confait, Beryl Larame, Linda Jeanne, Giovanni Fanny and Danny Charles (ordinary members).

Saturday’s event will be the second to be hosted by the SFAA, after previously organising an event to honour the late Beauchamp, Alex Confait and Agathine.


Roland Duval


Some of the past athletes who will compete at next Saturday’s event



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