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The big challenge in education is commitment, says minister Valentin |15 September 2023

The big challenge in education is commitment, says minister Valentin

“Education is about acquiring experiences, building knowledge and above all, education is about improving lifestyle.

“There are many good things happening around education in Seychelles, but the big challenge is commitment. We need everybody’s commitment; that of the students, the parents and of course, the education workers. If we can secure the commitment of everybody, we will go far. The government will provide access and resources and everyone else in that whole quest will have to do their part and be committed to whatever they are doing.

“The time has come now for us to start thinking of the ‘New Landscape’ and this entails everybody contributing towards making education successful. So I am calling on everybody who can contribute, regardless of your characteristics or background, to do so.

“What is happening right now, is that the Ministry of Education is responding to Unesco’s requirement, of including students in the major decision-making processes. We subscribe to this ideology, so we have made it our own requirement to organise a first ever Youth Education Summit for that purpose.

“As the Minister for Education, today I have the privilege to officially launch the Youth Education Summit.”


Dr Justin Valentin

Minister for Education

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