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Museum Club  |12 September 2023

Museum Club 

Unforgettable holiday adventures


During the school holidays, parents often wonder what to do with their children and how to keep them occupied. But the National History Museum Club already thought of that and proposed some interesting adventures to some 30 members of the club aged 5 to 15 years. They come from different schools across Mahé and they enthusiastically embarked on a remarkable and educational journey over the school holidays.

Every holiday, the Seychelles Natural History Museum organises different programmes guided by passionate experts and facilitators to allow children to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature, absorbing valuable knowledge about biodiversity, conservation, and the environment. For the last school break, three main activities were organised.


Kids cultivate knowledge in plant propagation

The adventure began at the Barbarons Biodiversity Centre, where the young naturalists were treated to an enlightening session by Damien Doudee (Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority), a renowned expert in plant propagation techniques. Eager to nurture their green thumbs, the kids worked diligently, trying their hands at various methods of plant propagation. Under Mr Doudee's guidance, they learned the delicate art of propagating plants.


Exploring diverse habitats and species

The young explorers did not stop there. They laced up their hiking shoes and ventured into the wild, visiting a range of ecosystems throughout the holidays. From serene rivers and lush wetlands to the enchanting depths of forests and the serene shores of our beaches, each expedition was a captivating lesson in biodiversity. The lessons covered a range of interesting aspects, from native plants, tortoises, turtles, seaweed, and seagrass, with presentations and engaging hands-on activities led by experts and facilitators.


Hands-on conservation efforts

For the children to understand the importance of conservation, the Museum Club collaborated with Parley Seychelles, a local NGO committed to tackling ocean pollution. Armed with gloves and a fierce determination to combat plastic pollution, the kids embarked on a beach clean-up mission. Through this hands-on experience, they discovered the significance of removing plastics from our shores, safeguarding both marine life and coastal beauty.

At the Tea Tavern Nature Trail, under the guidance of members of the Plant Conservation Action group, the kids cleared invasive plants that threatened native species. Along the way, they learned about the diverse range of native endemic plants that call Seychelles home.

While the Natural History Museum remained closed, the staff and facilitators proved their unwavering commitment to educating the next generation about the natural environment, conservation, and the beauty of their country. This remarkable endeavour was also made possible through their dedication and the passion of the Museum Club kids, who embraced every opportunity to learn and connect with nature.

The National History Museum Club thanked the experts, facilitators, parents and organisations involved in this year’s holiday programme. The animators of the programme were Nicole Barreau (Natural History Museum); Tarah Padayachy (National Herbarium); Alana Michel (Natural History Museum); Berthilde Belle (Natural History Museum) and Charles Morel (National Museum). They were accompanied by a parent/dedicated volunteer, Bernadette Sinon.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the activities the children took part in.


Compiled by Vidya Gappy

Photos: Tarah Padayachy

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