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Vandalism threatens Seychelles' beautification efforts under LWMA supervision |23 August 2023

Vandalism threatens Seychelles' beautification efforts under LWMA supervision

The ongoing wave of vandalism targeting Seychelles' beautification sites managed by the Landscape and Waste Management Agency is a cause for concern.

In a statement issued yesterday, the Landscape and Waste Management Agency (LWMA) stated that the most recent incident occurred at the Bicentenary Monument roundabout, where newly planted flowers were senselessly destroyed and stolen.

“This disturbing trend highlights a disheartening increase in acts of vandalism within our community,” read the press release.

The LWMA team, dedicated to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of Seychelles while maintaining its cleanliness, faces setbacks due to these acts of destruction. “This undermines our collective efforts and poses a challenge to our vision of a pristine and picturesque Seychelles,” it added.

LWMA is therefore calling on the community to demonstrate compassion and commitment by taking part in its beautification initiatives.

“We proudly announce the availability of a nursery where individuals can purchase plants for their own beautification projects. By doing so, the community can actively collaborate to achieve a cleaner and more vibrant Seychelles,” the press release added.

The agency further added that disturbingly, cases of vandalism are escalating, extending to the destruction of public benches in Victoria and across Seychelles.

“These incidents range from defacing benches with graffiti to physically removing them for personal use, resulting in a loss of public resources that serve the community's comfort and convenience”.

LWMA has also drawn attention to a growing concern regarding illegal dumping.

“Instances of waste being discarded near bin sites rather than within the provided bins have risen. Moreover, the agency has identified cases where bins filled with waste are relocated and abandoned in bushes or off-bin locations. In the process, bins sustain damage, leading to cracks and holes that compromise functionality,” it added.

Notably, LWMA said it has observed a decrease in bins available for public use across various locations, including housing estates on Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue.

“Public removal of bins intended for communal use, and repurposing them for private purposes, has contributed to this reduction,” said LWMA.

“As the authoritative agency overseeing Seychelles' landscape and waste management, LWMA is dedicated to preserving the country's natural beauty. Alongside its role in supervising waste collection, landfill management, and cleaning operations, LWMA offers specialised solutions for businesses and commercial entities facing waste disposal challenges”.

LWMA said interested parties wishing to explore these options or seek help, can contact their head office on 4324836 or 4324334. Additionally, inquiries can be directed to their hotline: 2822600 or via email at

“For a cleaner, greener Seychelles, let us unite against vandalism and work hand in hand to protect and enhance our shared environment,” the communiqué concluded.



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