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Speedway talent Mario Häusl signs with AC Landshut   |09 August 2023

Speedway talent Mario Häusl signs with AC Landshut   

Mario Häusl

• First professional contract at age 16


Mario Häusl, who holds both Seychelles and German nationalities, is preparing to become the new rising star in Germany's speedway bike racing.

Speedway is a motorcycle race on an oval, sandy track. The bike has 500ccm with 80 PS and none breaks. The top speed is around 100 km/h and faster from 0 -100 km/h than a Formula 1 GP race car.

Son of Seychelles-born Fabiola Häusl, Mario Häusl, who is from Emmering, definitely has what it takes to succeed, as he has impressively demonstrated several times despite his young age. At the beginning of July, Häusl, 16, received a professional contract with club AC Landshut.

“For me, as a young driver, it's a dream to drive in the Polish professional league one day. It's a great honour for me that Landshut is giving me this opportunity,” said the 16-year-old, who will start training in the city of Munich in September.

AC Landshut drives in the first Polish league. “It's almost the best league in the world,” said Mario Häusl. “That's where all the top European drivers ride.”

AC Landshut's trainer Herbert Rudolph thinks highly of the young Emmeringer. “We have been following his career for a long time. He is a highly talented rider. We are delighted that he wants to take the next step in his career with us,” said Mr Rudolph.

However, signing the contract also has its disadvantages. “As a professional, Häusl is no longer allowed to compete in the Speedway-Liga-Nord,” explained his dad Franz Häusl. In the Speedway-Liga-Nord, the 16-year-old drove for Wolfspack Wolfslake.


Only foreigner at the Czech U21 championship

In the Speedway Team Cup (2nd Bundesliga) Häusl was successful over the past two years for the Black Forest Eagles team from Berghaupten. In the team, which consist of one 250cc and three 500cc engine classes, the Emmeringer occupied the 250cc position. Team cup manager Rainer Armbruster had even promised him the under-21 (U21) position in the team for the new season as he switched to the 500cc class. Trainer and mentor Meik Lüders from Norden prepared Häusl intensively over Easter to switch to the 500cc class.

This year, Häusl also got the chance to be the only non-Czech driver to take part in the Czech U21 championship series. Team leader Karel Kadlec has followed the Emmeringer's career since the 125cc class and never lost sight of it. In June, the 16-year-old and his partner Mate Fryza took third place in the U21 Pair Cup championship.


Rupture of the spleen

However, the year 2022 started less successfully for the young talent. Häusl was involved in an accident through no fault of his own during the German Motorsport Association (DMSB) inspection course in Ludwigslust and suffered a ruptured spleen and spent a week in a clinic in Schwerin.

“I already thought that that was it for Mario with motorsport,” said Franz Häusl. Mum Fabiola, on the other hand, said: “He'll be back.”

She was right. In less than three months, Häusl was back on his bike and took part in the two remaining Team Cup races and was subsequently nominated for the World Championships in Breslau (Poland). With a lot of bad luck, the Emmeringer was overtaken by a Dane in the last race, but his result was good enough for the first reserve place in the World Cup final.


His next goal: a permanent starting place in Landshut

“Nevertheless, he did well,” said dad Franz Häusl. “You shouldn't forget the brief preparation after the injury.”

Mario Häusl has let go of that and wants to take the next step. “My goal is to get a permanent starting position at AC Landshut,” said the young driver.

On September 10, Mario Häusl will be seen in action near his home in Olching when he starts the last race in the Speedway Team Cup series (2nd Bundesliga) with the Black Forest Eagles at MSC Olching.



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