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10th Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG) – Mauritius – July 19-28, 2019 |04 June 2019

IOIG vibrate to the rhythm of Tamtam dan zil

The theme song for the 10th Indian Ocean Island Games is no longer a secret as it was unveiled with 49 days left before the start of the Games.

The official launch took place last Friday at the Serge Constantin Theatre in Vacoas, Mauritius.

It is the song Tamtam Dan Zil by the Kokofaya group which has been selected as the official song for the 10th Indian Ocean Island Games (IOIG).

Present at the launch were the president of the Comité d'organisation des Jeux des îles (Coji) Mauritius, Sports Minister Stephan Toussaint, chief executive of Coji Jean-Pierre Sauzier, Ministers Eddy Boissézon and Yogida Sawmynaden, president of the Conseil International des Jeux (Cij) Antonio Gopal of Seychelles, as well as representatives of the Games’ sponsors.

As reward, the group which is made of author and performer Thallie Ann Seenyen, Jerry Constance (author, composer, keyboardist), Patrick Desvaux (guitarist, musical arranger), Denis Serret (bassist) and Fréderic Porlin (drummer), received 150,000 Mauritian rupees (approximately 58,000 Seychelles rupees).

The song was chosen after a selection exercise, following a contest launched by the Coji in January.

The evaluation committee was made up of a five-member jury, namely Gérard Louis, Gaëtan Abel, Patrick Antoine, Meera Mohun and Jean-Jacques Arjoon who are all well-known figures on the Mauritian musical scene.

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