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Foundation Programme in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts   |30 May 2023

Foundation Programme in Food Preparation and Culinary Arts   

The graduates and guests in a souvenir photograph

First cohort graduate


The first cohort of the Foundation Programme in Food Preparation and Culinary arts have received their certificate.

The ceremony took place last Friday at the Seychelles Defence Academy auditorium, Perseverance.

The seven participants, namely Manuel Bouzin, Shannon Kilindo, Tyron Lajoie, Gretel Mambe, Aubrey Moustache, Terina Philoe and Dilen Veerabadren completed an eight-month course at the Seychelles Tourism Academy, which began in August 2022.

The programme had both theory, which was done at the academy and practical which was done in the Seychelles Coastguard kitchen, under the supervision of professional chefs.

During the programme they learned the basics of cooking, discipline, resilience, mass production, among others.

Last Friday’s ceremony began with an address from the director of the Seychelles Tourism Academy, Terence Max, who expressed how proud he was of the learners’ accomplishments, which now paves the way for their future in culinary arts.

“As an educational institute, we are all for progress in learning and widening opportunities. It is from these perspectives that I gave my support for the provision of this programme. It is an alternative pathway that will enable you to progress and realise your aspiration. So I am personally very happy you took this opportunity,” he said.

He added that the programme will be continuing and he hopes to see an increase in the number of participants.

For his part, Captain Anthony Morel said that with the training, they would now be able to enter the world of work and begin a fruitful career.

“I hope that the parents continue to give their immense support and I can say that you definitely have a place in the Coastguard’s kitchen,” said Captain Morel.

Other than their certificates, the participants were also presented with a lime green neckerchief, which symbolises the military setting they are working in.

Terina Philoe, one of the recipients, said that she joined the course due to her love for cooking, and she also wanted to widen her knowledge in cooking.

“I am really happy to have received my certificate today, and my plan is to continue working here in the Seychelles Coastguard’s kitchen,” she said.

Another participant, Dilen Veerabadren, said he was proud to have passed his exams and to finally graduate. “Honestly it was not very easy, however it was not extremely hard also. The love for the kitchen makes the course enjoyable, which for me developed through watching Gordon Ramsay. My plan for now is to continue with the SPDF’s kitchen,” he stated.


Diane Larame

Photo by Louis Toussaint

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