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Café Seventy Faure celebrates 60 years of OAU creation |26 May 2023

Café Seventy Faure celebrates 60 years of OAU creation

In line with FetAfrik and Africa Day which is celebrated on May 25, Café Seventy Faure (74) celebrated 60 years since the charter for the creation of the Organisation of African Unity.

Former President Danny Faure explained what this day meant for the nation as a whole, and the overall implication for the African continent.

“The founders made it clear that they wanted a unique and integrated Africa,” stated Mr Faure, adding “the African countries stood tall and faced what the colonial forces were doing on the continent”.

Moreover, he said the day is meant to celebrate African culture and be proud of the Seychelles’ heritage as well as the diversity.

He explained that this started the conscious thinking of each African country seeking their independence by their own methods.

Mr Faure said throughout his travels in the various African countries, he purchased books, which are in the book corner of the café, to be able to better understand and experience the different African stories. “It would have been great if perhaps in Seychelles there would have been a book written to really give it the merit of importance.”

He stated the importance of one particular book ‘Amazing Africa’ which covers each African country, including Seychelles.

Mr Faure showcased various other books that showed the marketing aspect and creative aspect of Africa. In addition, he also revealed a present he got from the Mozambique president, which was an African instrument.

There was also a special African game called Awaki which was gifted by the Botswana president.

The café was decorated with various African decor and instruments, in order to exhibit the beautiful artefacts it holds, for the special celebration.

The café also prepared crepes with a special honey from Mozambique and a rare form of honey extracted from sugar cane from Cabo Verde.

There was also coffee available to order which originated from Mozambique and tea from Cameroon and South Africa and Ethiopia.

Mr Faure concluded the event by stating that “with all of these materials and food and drink that come from our continent that maybe do not get the merited importance they deserve. There is a lot of importance for Seychelles”.

He stated that it will give importance to the Seychelles culture as well, the music, the university and everything else in-between.

Twenty-one (21) years ago on July 9, 2007, the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) transformed into what is today known as the African Union.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of the celebrations yesterday at the Café Seventy Faure.


Sunny Esparon

Photos by Joena Meme





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