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Womesa Seychelles applauds women in maritime |18 May 2023

Womesa Seychelles applauds women in maritime

Ms Figaro

“The Womesa Seychelles joins the global community to launch the celebration which commemorates the day for women working within the maritime domain. 

“The Womesa Seychelles thanks each one of you for your hard work and your commitment towards this sphere of work which once upon a time was considered a male territory only.

“The theme this year – ‘Mobilising networks for gender equality’ - reflects the achievements of Womesa so far which was established by the IMO to promote the role that women can undertake in maritime. It is enshrined in Sustainable Development Goal 5, one of the 17 goals that underpin the UN Sustainable agenda.

“Womesa Seychelles thanks its partners for sharing the vision of the International Maritime Organisation in promoting women in maritime. Fostering partnership is another mean of mobilising networks for gender equality. We recognise the continuous support and commitment of our various partners and stakeholders towards empowering women in their respective organisations.  Your role in the recruitment, retention and sustained employment of women in the maritime sector have ensured some elements of gender mainstreaming within a critical aspect of our economy.

“On this symbolic date, we celebrate the women and recognise the effort they have invested in this industry. From the ladies who are out fishing, the fishmongers,  stevedores, seafarers, those working onshore and at sea, to those in offices on land at the  Seychelles Maritime Safety Authority, Seypec Ltd, Seychelles Defence Forces, Department of the Blue Economy, the Seychelles Port Authority,  Seychelles  Maritime Academy, Seychelles Fishing Authority, just to name a few.

“This occassion accords the Womesa Seychelles the  perfect opportunity to make special mention of and congratulate the new CEO of Seypec Ltd, Sarah Romain; the principal secretary for the Blue Economy, Phillianne Ernesta; and the chairperson of the board of SMSA, Aisha Molle. Their efforts are being acknowledged and they are opening the door for our young generation of girls. Ladies, let us keep supporting each other in our endeavour to accompany our male counterparts all the way through the maritime journey that we have embarked on.

“It remains for Womesa Seychelles  to wish you all a ‘Happy International Day for Women in Maritime!’ Thank you.”


Dericka Figaro

Chairperson Womesa Seychelles

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