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Maz Millions goes worldwide |28 September 2019

Maz Millions goes worldwide

Mrs MacGregor and Mr Laporte launching the new products

Staying true to their motto, the MAZ Millions team have once again launched two new products – ‘Seychelles Tourism lottery’ and ‘Sports Experience lottery’ – that will benefit Seychellois and foreigners alike.

This was during an event at the Savoy Seychelles Resort & Spa earlier this week and the launch ceremony was attended by the siblings behind ‘MAZ Millions – Marie-France MacGregor and Allen Laporte, the president of African tourism board Alain St Ange, chief executive of the Seychelles Tourism Board Sherin Francis, three foreign journalists covering the event as well as family members and friends.

The two new lotteries are a world first giving foreigners a chance to travel to Seychelles, and football fanatics a chance to watch games live.

“MAZ Million started a few years ago but the actual stroke of the match happened in 2017 when we officially launched the lottery. We are a small group but we are very effective,” said MAZ Millions chief executive Marie-France MacGregor.

“I have been doing lotteries for quite a few years and very often we would get tourists asking if they can participate and we would have to tell them no. So, today when a tourist would want to participate in our lottery we would be so happy to show them the prizes they can win,” said Mrs MacGregor.

She added that “at Maz Millions we are not just about money, this is why we keep bringing new exciting products for our customers”.

Mrs MacGregor also emphasised that the money lottery will remain exclusively for Seychellois.

The tourists’ lottery has 15 prizes all of which include flights to Seychelles. Anyone from any part of the world can buy a ticket for US $100 and stand a chance to win a luxury holiday to Seychelles where the winners will experience once-in-a-lifetime VIP experience all paid for by MAZ Millions.

The other product by MAZ Millions is a sports lottery and a ticket will cost US $100 and 15 prizes are to be won. Winners will get to travel the world and attend their favourite football matches like the UEFA Champions’ League finals and get a VIP box seat experience. Both lotteries will be drawn three times a year.

“Although at first the lottery was for foreigners only, MAZ Millions has decided to keep something for the Seychellois who can purchase the sport lottery for just R500 only,” said Daniel Vadivello, director of marketing for MAZ Millions.

Mr Vadivello added that to get the lottery to where it is today, it has involved a lot of interaction with international organisations like stadium representatives. And since a lottery like this is a first in the world it was not an easy task to get it off the ground, but in the end the MAZ team pulled through.

“When Marie-France and Allain first brought the idea of MAZ Millions to me, the first thing that came to mind was visibility, the bigger the lottery gets the better it would be for Seychelles. What this lottery is doing is selling the dream of Seychelles to the world. It’s telling people about the beauty of Seychelles and selling the Seychelles experience,” said STB chief executive Sherin Francis.

She added that the tourism board alone does not have resources to do all what the board wants, so each partner that comes forward with great ideas on how to put Seychelles out there will receive full support from STB.

“I want to wish Marie-France and Allen as well as their MAZ Millions team success on their new exciting project, as you forge new partnership I know that every step of success you make will be a success for Seychelles and for the Seychelles tourism industry,” Mrs Francis added.

On his part, the president of the African Tourism Board, Alain St Ange, added that Seychelles is moving one step forward in showing we are leaders.

MAZ tourist and sports lottery are already on sale on the MAZ Millions website and the first draw will be in January next year.  


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