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Cycling: 64.2km road race |25 April 2023

Cycling: 64.2km road race

Junior rider Jayden Sinon has collected five wins so far this season

Jayden Sinon claims fifth victory of the season


  • Vélo Club de l’Ouest dominate team ranking with top three finishes


Still a junior cyclist, Jayden Sinon, who rides for the Vélo Club de l’Ouest, has once again proved that he is a force to be reckoned with, winning the 64.2km road race hosted by l’Union Cycliste des Seychelles on Sunday, bringing his tally of victories to five since the beginning of the season.

As for his club, the Vélo Club de l’Ouest, they are still topping the team ranking, having finished first in all the races organised so far.

Sinon’s winning streak for 2023 began with a win in the 80km road race held in February when he finished first in 2 hours, 10 minutes 54 second (2h10:54), while his second exploit of the season was in the 73.8km road race in March, clocking 2h04:30 to lead the pack.

Sinon’s third victory was in the three-race mini tour held earlier this month where he won two out of the three stages. In race one, Sinon clocked 1h39.00 to complete the 63.3km road race – 30 laps round the Providence Highway – first. In the third and final challenge of the mini tour – a 55.3km road race – Sinon clocked 1h33.58 to finish first, earning him an accumulated total of 3h31:07 to finish as tour winner.

For Sunday’s race, the 12th of the season and which started at Roche Caïman, the riders headed downtown via Bois de Rose Avenue, before heading towards Persévérance where they turned at the Palais de Justice roundabout and rode back via the same route, up the Providence Highway to Pointe Larue, Anse Aux Pins, Au Cap, Anse Royale, Takamaka, Baie Lazare, Anse à la Mouche, Anse Boileau, Grand Anse, Port Glaud, Morne Blanc, before finishing at l’Exile, Sans Soucis.

Sinon clocked 2h06:31 to complete the road race first, ahead of teammate Jahdel Gabriel who finished second in 2h07:05.

Ahmad Arrisol finished third overall in 2hr7:51, imposing the Vélo Club de l’Ouest’s (VCDL) dominance in the top three.

Julian Pool of the North Coast Riders (NCR) finished fourth overall in 2h08:04, ahead of Chris Uzice of One Shot Pain Cycling Club (OSPCC) who finished fifth in 2h10:25.

Yohan Monthy of Option Max Cycling Club (OMCC) finished sixth in 2h10:55, ahead of teammate Bertrand Lesperance who completed the distance in seventh position in 2h13:20.

Independent cyclist Jean-Yves Souyave who was back to give a helping hand to l’Union Cycliste des Seychelles in motivating the younger riders, clocked 2h13:54 to take the eighth spot, finishing ahead Mario Ernesta of the NCR who was ninth overall in 2h15:43.

Dominic Arissol of the OSPCC was the 10th rider to cross the finish line in 2h18:13, ahead of junior rider Ashley Toussaint of the VCDL Academy who finished 11th overall in 2h21:01.

Stephane Belle of the VCDL was 12th overall in 2h21:05, finishing ahead of OMCC’s Jeff Esparon who clocked 2h22:23 to cross the finish line 13th.

Another junior rider, Lauren Jacques of the VCDL Academy, was the 14th cyclist to cross the finish line, registering a time of 2h22:48 and finishing ahead of his teammate, cadet rider Trevor Malvina who was 15th overall in 2h31:35.

Ricky Rosalie of the NCR finished the road race in 16th position overall in 2h32:50, ahead of Lario Harrison of the NCR who clocked 2h40:30 to finish 17th overall.


Complete results of the 64.2km road race


1. Jayden Sinon – VCDL (2h06:31)

2. Jahdel Gabriel – VCDL (2h07:05)

3. Ahmad Arissol –VCDL (2h07:51)

4. Julian pool – NCR (2h08:04)

5. Chris Uzice – OSPC (2h04:32)

6. Yohan Monthy –OMCC (2h10:55)

7. Bertrand Lesperance – OMCC (2h13:20)

8. Jean-Yves Souyave – Independent (2h13:54)

9. Mario Ernesta –NCR (2h15:43)

10. Dominic Arrisol – OSPCC (2h18:13)

11. Ashley Toussaint – VCDL Academy (2h21:01)

12. Stephane Belle –VCDL (2h21:05)

13. Jeff Esparon –OMCC (2h22:23)

14. Lauren Jacques –VCDL Academy (2h22:48)

15. Trevor Malvina – VCDL Academy (2h31:35)

16. Ricky Rosalie – NCR (2h32:50)

17. Lario Harrison – NCR (2h40:30)


Team Results


1. VCDL – 6h07:17

2. OMCC– 6h46:38

3. VCDL Academy – 6h54:14

4. NCR – 6h56:37


Roland Duval

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