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Profile of tourism operators |28 September 2019

Profile of tourism operators

Teddy Hoareau: “One needs to be competent and disciplined to work in the tourism industry”


Mr Hoareau started working in the tourism industry in 1977 and has ventured in his own business since 1982. He is currently the owner of Teddy’s Glass Bottom Boats and specialises in offering excursion trips in the marine parks, snorkelling activities and barbecues for tourists.

“A number of benefits exist within the tourism industry. However, one needs to be competent, disciplined, and should not hesitate to seek advice from other operators who is familiar with the business,” says Mr Hoareau.


Michael Thomas: “I try my utmost to make people understand the importance of tourism”


Following the completion of his studies at the Seychelles Tourism Academy, Mr Thomas joined the tourism industry as a tour guide and has remained in the industry ever since. Mr Thomas is passionate about his work and sees tour guiding as something that is embedded in him given his profound interest for nature, ocean, and marine life. His service is not limited to tourists but is also extended to locals and family groups where he has recently offered his service to a group of students from Mont Fleuri school. Mr Thomas sees the tourism industry as one which brings money to the economy and allows for the purchasing of goods for the country.

“While the tourism industry is important, it is very fragile. For this reason, I try my utmost to make people understand the importance of tourism,” says Mr Thomas.


Colbert Nourrice : “It is due to tourism that I am still pursuing the art business”


Mr Nourrice started working in the art business specifically targeting the tourism industry in the 1990s. The benefit from the industry is that tourists purchase his artwork hence they continually contribute economically towards his livelihood.

“It is due to tourism that I am still pursuing the art business,” says Mr Nourrice.


Franco Adrienne: “We feel proud to contribute towards the Seychelles economy”


Mr Adrienne has been operating in the tourism industry for 40 years and believes that the key to success in the tourism sector is service delivery, followed by adequate advertisement and promotion of your business. According to him, competition in tourism is quite stiff at the moment in every domain of the industry. However, the benefit is that it brings foreign currency in the economy.

“We feel proud to contribute towards the Seychelles economy. That’s why we enjoy the industry,” says Mr Adrienne.


Danny Loizeau: “Not giving up and wanting to operate this type of business is the way forward”


Mr Loizeau is renowned in the district of Bel Ombre for his fishing-related businesses and has been operating in the fishing sector for more than 30 years. He currently possesses more than 14 fishing boats. While fishing remains a successful business venture, Mr Loizeau felt necessary to diversify his portfolio of businesses and therefore entered the tourism sector. Today, he owns hotels on Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. According to Mr Loizeau, fishing and tourism are sectors which are interlinked in view that it provides clients with the opportunity to taste the fish of Seychelles. In addition to the fact that tourism creates the opportunity for good benefits, the benefits of the sector are the creation of employment especially for locals.

“Not giving up and wanting to operate this type of business is the way forward,” believes Mr Loizeau.


Robert Payet: “A career in tourism requires hard work and patience”


Mr Payet was exposed to the tourism industry from his school days through working in an accommodation establishment owned by his mother. He got to love what he now describes as a vocation and has remained in the industry until now. Today, he is the proud owner of Le Duc de Praslin and its affiliated restaurants. Mr Payet feels that he has benefited from the sector as he has started his business from 3 rooms at Pointe Au Sel and 3 rooms on Praslin. Soon, he will be operating a total of 65 rooms. According to Mr Payet, the sector has helped him to sustain his family and more importantly provided employment to Seychellois.

“The tourism industry is not something to venture in overnight. However if one wants a career in tourism, one needs to work hard and have patience. I would also like to take this opportunity during the tourism festival to encourage young people to join the tourism industry. It is a fun industry and definitely worth joining,” says Mr Payet.


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