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Basketball: 2023 Season Transfers |30 March 2023

Basketball: 2023 Season Transfers

Siblings Darius and Timmy Adam are now teammates at Beau Vallon

Twenty-two players swop teams for the new season

  • Darius Adam switches allegiance to play alongside brother Timmy at Beau Vallon Heat

 A total of twenty-two players have swopped teams for the 2023 season, with the most noticeable transfer being that of ex-PLS Hawks’ guard Darius Adam who have switched allegiance to play alongside his big brother Timmy, boosting the line-up of defending league and Land Marine Cup champions Beau Vallon Heat.

Without any doubt, Hawks’ most outstanding player last season, topping their score sheets after most matches, Adam said the well-thought move is simply based on failure to recognise his work ethics, including hard work and effort invested in the team.

“Lack of playing time, despite my efforts which is clearly visible through my performance, has been the main factor behind the decision,” said Adam who explained that even the fans were curious and were enquiring about the limited playing time he was getting.

Despite being benched, Adam said his commitment remained, maintaining his training routines, both on personal and team level, switching from being an employee to being self-employed, working from home, thus acquiring more free time for his training routine.

He said he personally felt unfairly treated even if he proved himself on the court during the limited given playing time.

“If I can score that many points to finish as team’s top scorer in such short time, imagine what I could have contributed for the team if I was allowed more playing time,” said Adam, who added that he always had hope in being an appreciated asset for his beloved PLS Hawks, until the time came when he reached the point of taking the decision to take his skills and ability elsewhere.

He explained that even his closest teammates would admit that his level of commitment was far beyond theirs, including investments in supplements, shoes and other elements contributing to better his performance.

It was during game two and three of play-offs final against Beau Vallon Heat that Adam had his mind settled on leaving PLS Hawk for good after five seasons spent.

“Joining another team, instead of playing alongside Timmy would have been some kind of betrayal for me,” said Adam on his decision to join Beau Vallon Heat where he started in 2016, after leaving RC Dynamics.

He said other than playing alongside Timmy, he chose Beau Vallon Heat because of their good transition – the process of changing from defense to offense (transition offense), or offense to defense (transition defense) – which fits his style of play perfectly, while the team also features some players alongside whom he played in 2016.

“I also know the professional level of the team’s management, they want the best, and as a player, I always believe in giving my best,” added Adam who is presently training with the national pre-selection preparing for the upcoming 11th Indian Ocean Island Games 2023 scheduled to take place in Madagascar from August 23 to September 3.

Other than Adam, Beau Vallon Heat have also acquired the service of Nigerian-born Seychelles international player Alao Solomon who was previously playing for Premium Cobras.

In that process, they have lost Tarryl Hall and Malagasy Gaylor Takianaina who have signed for Cobras, Fabrice Ramoely to PLS Hawks,  Chris Estrale  to divisioners St Louis Saints and Shalin Casiechetty to Mont Fleuri Ballerz.

The Hawks have also welcomed Alf Aglae from last season’s men’s division two league champions Anse Etoile, along with big-man Eddy Servina from Cascade Bullets, and Sena Amekudi from Premium Cobras, while losing Ronald Rakotondriambeloma to Baya and Ronny Julius to Anse Etoile, along with Rodney Loze who will now play in the newly formed PLS Legends team, featuring the clubs veteran players in the likes of brothers Jim and Kenneth Domingue, Bernard Bristol, Heribert Derjaques and Thomas Collie, among others.

Bel Air-based Baya has acquired the service of Abdulmalik Majah from the Bel Air Basketball Academy (Baba), who have also lost Samuel Bacco to the newly formed RA Hoopers.

Newly promoted Anse Etoile now have Kevin Moumou from Cascade Bullets in their line-up, while AB Boys have lost three players, namely Charles Sauzier, Damien Hoareau (to Anse Royale) and Nerick Charles to Drifters, in a swop for Trevor Toussaint.

Lastly, MBU Rockers will benefit from the services of Dylan Labrosse from PLS Hawks and Garry Louis from MBU Boys.

It is worth noting that the 2023 season will see ten teams in the top flights – Beau Vallon Heat, PLS Hawks, Premium Cobras, Drifters, Mont Fleuri Dawgz, Baya, Anse Etoile, Cascade Bullets, MBU Rockers and AB Boys – , while the second division will feature St Louis Saints, MBU Boys, Baba, Praslin Boys, Anse Royale, Mont Fleuri Ballerz, PLS Suns  and new comers PTL Thunder, PLS Legends.


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