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Seychelles’ Foreign minister meets with US ambassador-designate |23 March 2023

Seychelles’ Foreign minister meets with US ambassador-designate

Minister Radegonde welcomes Ambassador-designate Henry Jardine to Maison Queau de Quinssy

Seychelles and the United States of America are keen to broaden their present and future cooperation.

This came out of discussions between the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Tourism, Sylvestre Radegonde, and the Ambassador-designate of the United States of America to Seychelles, Henry Jardine.

The courtesy call came on Monday, March 20, at Maison Quéau de Quinssy ahead of Mr Jardine’s accreditation at State House on Tuesday, March 21.

Speaking during the meeting, Minister Radegonde remarked that “Seychelles and the United States of America have had a longstanding relationship since 1976. It is a relationship that we would like to further enhance. The presence of a senior diplomat in the U.S. Office in Victoria represents a key milestone in our bilateral ties showcasing the United States (U.S.) willingness to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation.”

Both Minister Radegonde and Ambassador Jardine welcomed new prospects of cooperation in sectors such as law enforcement, maritime security, sharing of intelligence, capacity building and rehabilitation programme for drug addicts. In parallel to these new avenues for collaboration, both sides agreed that current initiatives, such as Cutlass Express Exercises which is central to the regional maritime security, will continue. 

The creation of a Multidimensional Vulnerability Index (MVI), stressing on the importance for small islands developing states (Sids) to be assessed on their vulnerabilities rather than their GDP per capita, was received positively by the ambassador-designate.

He expressed his country’s support saying that “it is a solid argument which is already resonating in Washington”.

The ambassador further highlighted that in the absence of such a mechanism a fragile country can easily face a huge setback when facing a pandemic or natural disaster.

They also spoke about the US’s relationship with the continent of Africa. The minister called on the US diplomat not to forget the African islands with regard to financing of development needs.

“The fact remains that the African islands are often forgotten when talking about Africa,” emphasised the minister.  

Other topics discussed were the initiatives announced by President Joe Biden during the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit, held in December 2022 and other bilateral areas of mutual importance to Seychelles and the US.


Press release from the Foreign Affairs department

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