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National Sports Council (NSC)   |17 March 2023

National Sports Council (NSC)   

RCSS personnel running the session on Praslin (Photo: Contributed)

Local sports personnel get an insight into basic first aid techniques


As a sports coach, trainer, or even physical education teacher or instructor, it is very important to respond in a safe and quickly manner in the event of an injury, thus making a difference in the recovery of an athlete, through a basic knowledge of first aid.

Among the many responsibilities within their job, coaches, instructors and teachers also deal with the health and safety of their athletes and students, often including prevention of injuries both on the pitch, or track during the game and race, and also off during training sessions.

This is why it is crucial that coaches are trained in first aid at a level where they will feel confident to offer treatment when faced with a variety of sports incidents.

In line with that, the National Sports Council (NSC) recently hosted a series of first aid sessions to equip sports personnel, trainers and coaches with the tools to assist members of the public and sports enthusiasts whenever there is a need.

The training is part of cooperation between the NSC and the health department, in  series of activities to promote the prescription of exercise rather just medicine.

The sessions which took place at the Olympic House at Roche Caïman and on Praslin equipped the sports personnel with basic injury prevention methods and techniques, again for the benefit of sports enthusiasts and practitioners while being active.

On Mahé, the sessions were being coordinated by the department of health, while on Praslin it was the Red Cross Society of Seychelles (RCSS) who was responsible for the sessions.


Roland Duval

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