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Minister Joubert discusses projects funded by UNDP with resident rep |13 March 2023

Minister Joubert discusses projects funded by UNDP with resident rep

The meeting between Minister Joubert and Mrs Serumaga accompanied by their respective delegations

The Minister for Agriculture, Climate Change & Environment, Flavien Joubert, met with the UNDP resident representative for Seychelles and Mauritius, Amanda Serumaga, last Friday at the Maison Queau De Quinssy.

The meeting followed Mrs Serumaga’s participation in the United Nations country team retreat held at the Savoy Resort & Spa earlier in the week.

She was accompanied by the team of UNDP based in Seychelles.

The meeting was conducted in two phases: In phase 1, the two leaders discussed the status of financing for key projects, UNDP administration matters, and the portfolio management of various projects.

As for phase 2 they discussed the development and establishment of the new Programme Development and Coordination Section (PDCS) whose main objectives is to manage and coordinate all projects under the ministry.

Furthermore, the delegates had a lengthy discussion on the National Country Dialogue, a

program listed under UNDP which captures all partners and align their strategies for the

Minister Joubert was accompanied by his executive director, Catherina Bonnelame, the

ministry’s principal secretaries for Agriculture, for Climate Change and for Environment, technical advisor Wills Agricole and the chief programme coordinator for PDCS, Cindy Clair.

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