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SHTA pilot supervisory training on Praslin a success |23 February 2023

SHTA pilot supervisory training on Praslin a success

The Seychelles Hospitality and Tourism Association (SHTA) recently organised a supervisory training on Praslin, a pilot project designed and delivered by CTF Consultancy to boost the capacity of supervisors and potential supervisors.

The programme aimed to demonstrate to participants that truly successful supervisors are the ones who connect with elements of humanity – communication, trust, integrity, understanding others’ talents, strengths and weaknesses, and having a genuine desire to help and engage others.

“Too often we hear in the media that hotel management and supervisors are mostly expatriates. However, the last time SHTA met with its members, we discovered that there are many Seychellois supervisors who joined our different establishments in other lower positions but eventually became supervisors.”

“However, a certain level of knowledge is required to become a supervisor. So, we deemed it necessary to have an external partner come and provide a supervisory training to better equip our local supervisors or potential supervisors in how to better handle both internal and external customers. This will instill in them a certain level of confidence which will inspire them to do even better and climb up to managerial positions one day,” Sybille Cardon, chairperson of SHTA, explained.

A first cohort of 16 participants from various departments from Acajou Beach Resort, L’Hirondelle Self-Catering Guest House, Le Duc de Praslin, Les Lauriers Eco Hotel and Restaurant, Les Villas D’Or and Pirogue Lodge successfully completed the training last Thursday, and were rewarded during a certificate presentation ceremony.

Through interactive discussions, role-playing and experiential exercises they could deepen their understanding, and were able to access a supportive environment of peers to create and work towards accomplishing meaningful development goals. Together, they also practiced new skills that match these new goals.

The three-day programme was held once weekly.

Olivia Athanase joined the Acajou Beach Resort as an account technician one year ago, and was enrolled for the training alongside three other staff by the hotel’s general manager Joanise Doway, having observed that they have great potential.

“Staff training is very important and we never stop learning. When SHTA and CTF Consultancy proposed this training, I found it was the appropriate opportunity for several of our staff who have the potential to become supervisors to join. We can see the benefits that it will bring to both team members and the management,” Mrs Doway pointed out.

On her part, Mrs Athanase shared her experience of the sessions. “The sessions have given us more knowledge and built our confidence. It has been three great sessions which have brought the supervisors from different establishments together and have allowed us to share ideas, experiences, and how we can improve ourselves and our team. All in all, it was a very good experience,” she said.

Bar and Restaurant supervisor from Pirogue Lodge, Patrick Bedier, another participant with much experience in the tourism industry, highlighted the importance of continuously learning, and refreshing one’s knowledge and skill set.

“The sessions were very interactive and interesting and we learnt a lot especially about accountability, leadership and having a positive team spirit. I was especially glad to be able to share with other colleagues from other establishments. Together, when we share our experiences we can learn so much for the betterment of not only our establishment but the betterment of the tourism industry of the country,” he said.

As for general manager of Les Villas D’Or, Pierre Dogley, supervisory training is important to better equip supervisors and his institution encourages such initiatives, especially for younger team members who will eventually be taking over.

“So the more training we can provide the better for them, for our establishment and for our country,” Mr Dogley expressed proudly.

Mr Dogley’s assistant, Heidi Philoe, was also a participant in the programme.

“The sessions were very interesting and have given us much knowledge, motivation and empowerment which we shall now share with our team members. I was particularly reminded of the need to delegate more and empower my team for better team spirit,” Mrs Philoe said.

At the end of the sessions, the facilitator, Craig Francourt, shared a word of encouragement to the participants.

“I am proud of each and every one of you. Together we have explored a lot through the various sessions especially around accountability and being responsible for our actions, trust within our team and why we chose to be in the hospitality industry in the first place,” he said.

“Hospitality is not just like any other sector; it comes from the heart! So if you can truly understand what inspires and motivates you, then you will be able to inspire and motivate your team members. Always remember that as supervisors, you have a very important role in providing support to your customers, team members and the management,” Mr Francourt stated.

SHTA and CTF Consultancy plan to introduce the programme on Mahé and La Digue in the near future.

The accompanying photos show the participants during the training as well as a group photo with consultant Craig Francourt and Ms Cardon after they had been presented with their certificate.


Text & photos by Nadia Bedier





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