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Assembly IAC members seek to learn more on DRDM’s capacity to manage, reduce risks nationally |11 February 2023

Assembly IAC members seek to learn more on DRDM’s capacity to manage, reduce risks nationally

Members of the International Affairs Committee of the National Assembly recently met with senior management officials and staff of the Disaster Risk Management Division to learn more on its capacity to manage, reduce risks nationally among other related issues.

Such a meeting forms part of the International Affairs Committee (IAC) oversight work.

The meeting which took place at the Disaster Risk Management Division (DRMD) head office at Mont Fleuri  started with a presentation of the Sendai Framework Mid-Term Review Report which highlighted  the data gathered from relevant ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs),  identified shortcomings, and various recommendations proposed to address those in the future.

The presentation was followed by pertinent questions from the committee members which seek to  shed more light on the capacity of DRMD to play a vital role in managing and reducing risks on the national level.

The identified challenges include the poor participation of MDAs on the national committee on risk reduction, a lack of understanding of risk reduction management and its importance nationally, a lack of synergy among MDAs, as well as poor salaries for current staff members of the DRMD. Fortunately, the DRMD has strategies and projects in the pipeline to tackle these issues despite its small workforce.

The IAC members were satisfied with the resilience and enthusiasm displayed by the DRMD staff and are looking forward to seeing their future progression in their respective responsibilities.  

Hon. Waven William requested that the DRMD keep the IAC members informed and up to date with the final document report that the ministry concerned is due to submit  to the United Nations in two to three months’ time.

The meeting ended with a short visit of the DRMD’s facilities which highlighted the limited space and resources that the division has. However a new office development project is set to be unveiled next year.

Other members of the IAC who also attended the meeting were its vice-chairperson Hon. Wavel Woodcock, Hon. Philip Arissol, Hon. Kelly Samynadin, Hon. Johan Loze, and Hon. Philip Monthy. The DRMD team included the principal disaster management officer Daniel Cetoupe, and senior disaster management officers Veronique Philoe, Cliff Alissop and Aisha Rachel.

The accompanying photos show highlights of the meeting and visit.


Press release from the National Assembly

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