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Hiking – A must when visiting Seychelles |23 January 2023

Hiking – A must when visiting Seychelles

The Morne Blanc Trail viewing platform

The Seychelles Parks and Gardens Authority (SPGA), which manages the official nature trails in Seychelles, estimates that over 70,000 tourists visiting the country last year took a hike.

This estimate is derived, based on figures obtained from the Copolia Trail. In 2022, over 14,000 tourists above 12 years old hiked the 1.4km trail; one of the best and most popular in the country. SPGA manages eight official nature trails on Praslin and Mahé, all located within the National Parks.

Seychelles is a biodiversity hotspot and the tourism industry relies heavily on the country’s unique environment. The tiny island state located in the western Indian Ocean offers more than just sand and sea. The Seychelles Islands are evergreen and full of intriguing, rare flora and fauna. There are plenty of reasons why tourists and residents love to hike. Despite most of the trails going uphill, hiking in Seychelles is a relaxing activity but a good way to get the heart pumping. It is actually a good social activity, allowing couples and families to bond by sharing something beautiful together. Besides connecting with loved ones it also allows people to connect with nature both spiritually and emotionally. Hiking is a journey of discovery, there is plenty to discover along the way since most trails dissect through the National Parks, which are Protected Areas. While hiking in Seychelles, you will come across fascinating flora such as the carnivorous Pitcher Plant. Walking through palm forests is exhilarating – as you travel through a living laboratory and on an amazing journey of discovery, allowing all of your senses to be alert and receptive.

Through the enchanting forests you will feel your lungs gasping for a different kind of air which is freshly filled with forest aroma, a unique scent limited to the nature trails. A big highlight of Seychelles’ nature trails are viewpoints. From these vantage points you will be able to observe the amazing Seychelles seascape, including the many surrounding islands and coastal areas. Copolia, Trois Frères and Morne Seychellois Trails offer incredible panoramic views over the country’s capital, Victoria.

The nature trails cater for everyone – the plant lover, the explorer, the fitness enthusiast and the scientist.

So when visiting Seychelles take a hike! It is guaranteed that you will not be disappointed!

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